18 04 2017

Bernese mountain dog
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Bernese mountain dog Dog breeds Bernese mountain dog is a favorite of shepherds and families. It is energetic and [...]

Ceratosaurus – horned lizard
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Ceratosaurus – horned dinosaur One could say – another typical dinosaur, nothing out of the ordinary. Granted, Ceratosaurus is [...]

Most venomous snakes – TOP 10 & TOP 100

The most venomous snakes in the world – TOP 10 and TOP 100 Which snake is the most venomous? Such a question may not have an unambiguous answer. There are numerous [...]

The largest (heaviest) reptiles – Top 10
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The biggest reptiles Top 10 The knowledge that big reptiles ruled the Earth millions of years ago, has been with us from an early age. With flushed cheeks, we read statements [...]

Margay – cat with gorgeous eyes
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Margay (Leopardus wiedii) A tree-dwelling and nocturnal hunter. The margay is a cat with specific likes, large eyes, and a beautiful spotted fur. If you remember the movie “Shrek” (who doesn’t, [...]

Moa (Dinornithiformes) – giant birds

Moa (Dinornithiformes) It had an extremely important role in its ecosystem, yet we only learned that when it became extinct. Its disappearance from the animal kingdom was followed by the extinction [...]

Labrador Retriever – true adventurer
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Labrador Retriever We may say it is neither fish nor fowl and there is a bit of truth in it. In fact, Labrador Retriever loves water. Moreover, it has webbed toes, [...]

Chausie – intelligent and active cat
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The Chausie cat The Chausie, as an official breed, was created in the 1990s, but similar hybrids could have been walking on Earth for several thousand years. The word “hybrid” is [...]

Bigfoot or Sasquatch – does it exist?
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Bigfoot – does it exist? Stubborn scientists have claimed for years that Bigfoot, just as the Yeti and Yowie, is a creation of people with rich imagination. In 1996, a zoologist, [...]

Lesser spotted eagle – a walking eagle
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Lesser spotted eagle (Clanga pomarina) This medium-sized bird of prey is not as large as a golden eagle or a harpy eagle, but its hunting skills and its character without doubt [...]

Livyatan melvillei – biblical Leviathan?
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Livyatan melvillei – the rival of megalodon In the Book of Psalms we read: There is the sea, vast and spacious, teeming with creatures beyond number living things both large and [...]

Leatherback sea turtle – the largest turtle
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Leatherback sea turtle (Dermochelys coriacea) The largest turtle in the world Leatherback sea turtles are the largest and heaviest turtles in the modern world. The largest specimen may weigh probably almost [...]

Yangchuanosaurus – smart Asian warrior
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Yangchuanosaurus The Asian warrior There is much evidence that Yangchuanosaurus was a clever predator. Could it indeed plan its actions in advance? For obvious reasons we are not physically capable of [...]

The longest and largest ceratopsians
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The longest and largest ceratopsians Top10 Triceratops are by far the best-known ceratopsians Ceratopsia or Ceratopia (Greek: “horned faces”) is a group of herbivorous, beaked dinosaurs which thrived in what are [...]

Yowie – Australian Yeti
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Yowie – Yeti from Australia Yowie, like Yeti is often presented as a dangerous, unpredictable and wild creature. How much of that is actually true? If Yowie really exists, what is [...]

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