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Weight of raptors – the heaviest raptors (dromaeosaurs) TOP 10

The heaviest Dromaeosaurids / dromaeosaurs – Top 10

Weight, dimensions, size of raptors (Dromaeosaurids / dromaeosaurs)

The Dromaeosauridae are a family of theropod dinosaurs. They were small to medium-sized, two-legged carnivores that were probably closely related to the birds (Aves). These feathered dinosaurs were characterized by a narrow muzzle, long arms reinforced with curved claws, a stiffened tail and an enlarged crescent-shaped claw on the foot.

Dromaeosaurids were small to medium-sized animals. The size ranged from 47 to 63 centimeters (1.5 – 2.1 ft) in length and 200 to 600 grams in weight with Microraptor zhaoianus to over six meters in length with Achillobator and Utahraptor. According to studies by paleontologists led by Alan H. Turner, the generally small body dimensions of the basal species, i.e. those at the beginning of the development line, suggest that the common ancestor of all dromaeosaurids was only about 65 centimeters (2.1 ft) long and 700 grams heavy.

Raptors are well-known dinosaurs from the movies titled Jurassic Park and Jurassic World.

Today we present the world’s largest list of raptors (Dromaeosaurids) ranked by weight. Soon we will present a list of the longest raptors (dromaeosaurs).


The heaviest raptors (dromaeosaurs) Top 10


NoDinosaurWeight [kg]Weight [lb]
1Utahraptor ostrommaysorum470 kg1 036 lb
2Austroraptor cabazai340 kg750 lb
3Dakotaraptor steini260 kg573 lb
4“Maroccanoraptor elbegiensis”200 kg441 lb
5Achillobator giganticus175 kg386 lb
6“Koreanosaurus (1) koreanensis”115 kg254 lb
7Deinonychus antirrhopus100 kg220 lb
8Adasaurus mongoliensis85 kg187 lb
9Itemirus medullaris85 kg187 lb
10Unenlagia paynemili75 kg165 lb
11Yurgovuchia doellingi75 kg165 lb
12Unenlagia comahuensis67 kg148 lb
13Saurornitholestes langstoni65 kg143 lb
14Richardoestesia gilmorei63 kg139 lb
15Dineobellator notohesperus60 kg132 lb



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