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The heaviest predatory dinosaurs. Theropods Top 10

The heaviest Theropods – TOP10

Dinosaurs have always been a source of fascination for people of all ages. These giant creatures once roamed the Earth and now captivate our imagination with their sheer size and power. Among the dinosaurs, theropods were a group of carnivorous dinosaurs that stood out for their hunting abilities and massive size.

These predators ruled the land and dominated the food chain, with some species reaching lengths of up to 14 meters and weighing over 9 tons. In this article, we will take a closer look at the top 10 heaviest theropod dinosaurs that ever lived. From the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex to the lesser-known Spinosaurus, we will delve into the anatomy, hunting habits, and characteristics of these incredible beasts. So buckle up and get ready to meet the largest and most intimidating predatory dinosaurs that ever existed.

Since the original version of our summary was published, scientific studies have reviewed the weight data for theropods. It turns out that the earlier vision of a Spinosaurus was not the truth, and that it was not the heaviest predatory dinosaur. So in 2020 we updated the data, which we present in a table at the end of the article. This is the most comprehensive list of theropods in the world.

Tyrannosaurus rex (T. rex)


The largest (heaviest) predatory dinosaurs TOP 10 – old statement

  1. Spinosaurus aegyptiacus: 7-21 t
  2. Carcharodontosaurus iguidensis: 7-15 t
  3. Carcharodontosaurus saharicus: 6-15 t
  4. Giganotosaurus carolinii: 6,5-14 t
  5. Tyrannosaurus rex: 6-9,5 t
  6. Bahariasaurus ingens: 6-9,5 t
  7. Deinocheirus mirificus: 6-9 t
  8. Oxalaia quilombensis: 5–7 t
  9. Acrocanthosaurus atokensis: 5,6-6,2 t
  10. Tarbosaurus bataar: 6 t
  11. Tyrannotitan chubutensis: 5-6 t
  12. Mapusaurus roseae: 3–5 t
  13. Therizinosaurus: 3-5 t (if it was a predator?)
  14. Suchomimus tenerensis: 2,6-5,2 t
  15. Chilantaisaurus tashuikouensis: 2,5–6 t
  16. Allosaurus: 1,4 – 2,3 t


The Heaviest theropods - predatory dinosaurs.
The Heaviest theropods – predatory dinosaurs. Size compared to human.


The largest (heaviest) Theropods TOP 10 – update AD 2020

NoDinosaurWeight [t]Weight [kg]Weight [lb]
1Tyrannosaurus rex9.3 t9 300 kg20 503 lb
2Giganotosaurus carolinii7.4 t7 400 kg16 314 lb
3Deinocheirus mirificus7.0 t7 000 kg15 432 lb
4Spinosaurus aegyptiacus6.9 t6 900 kg15 212 lb
5Mapusaurus roseae6.9 t6 900 kg15 212 lb
6Carcharodontosaurus saharicus6.4 t6 400 kg14 110 lb
7Tyrannotitan chubutensis6.4 t6 400 kg14 110 lb
8“Alamotyrannus brinkmani”6.0 t6 000 kg13 228 lb
9Acrocanthosaurus atokensis5.8 t5 800 kg12 787 lb
10“Megalosaurus” ingens5.3 t5 300 kg11 685 lb
11Megalosaurus saharicus5.3 t5 300 kg11 685 lb
12Tarbosaurus bataar5.0 t5 000 kg11 023 lb
13“Suciasaurus rex”4.9 t4 900 kg10 803 lb
14Sigilmassasaurus brevicollis4.8 t4 800 kg10 582 lb
15Bahariasaurus ingens4.6 t4 600 kg10 141 lb
16Therizinosaurus cheloniformis4.5 t4 500 kg9 921 lb
17“Allosaurus” tendagurensis4.4 t4 400 kg9 700 lb
18Zhuchengtyrannus magnus4.3 t4 300 kg9 480 lb
19Cristatusaurus lapparenti4.0 t4 000 kg8 818 lb
20Chilantaisaurus tashuikouensis3.8 t3 800 kg8 378 lb
21Sauroniops pachytholus3.8 t3 800 kg8 378 lb
22Carcharodontosaurus iguidensis3.7 t3 700 kg8 157 lb
23Oxalaia quilombensis3.5 t3 500 kg7 716 lb
24Edmarka rex3.5 t3 500 kg7 716 lb
25“Capitalsaurus” potens3.5 t3 500 kg7 716 lb
26“Tyrannosaurus” zhuchengensis3.5 t3 500 kg7 716 lb
27Suchomimus tenerensis3.4 t3 400 kg7 496 lb
28Siats meekerorum3.4 t3 400 kg7 496 lb
29“Megalosaurus” chubutensis3.4 t3 400 kg7 496 lb
30Torvosaurus tanneri3.3 t3 300 kg7 275 lb
31Bistahieversor sealeyi3.3 t3 300 kg7 275 lb
32Saurophaganax maximus3.2 t3 200 kg7 055 lb
33“Tyrannosaurus” luanchuanensis3.2 t3 200 kg7 055 lb
34“Dryptosaurus” kenabekides3.2 t3 200 kg7 055 lb
35Pycnonemosaurus nevesi3.2 t3 200 kg7 055 lb
36Daspletosaurus torosus3.1 t3 100 kg6 834 lb
37“Megalosaurus” pombali3.0 t3 000 kg6 614 lb
38Yangchuanosaurus shangyouensis2.9 t2 900 kg6 393 lb
39Allosaurus fragilis2.9 t2 900 kg6 393 lb
40Epanterias amplexus2.9 t2 900 kg6 393 lb
41Albertosaurus sarcophagus2.9 t2 900 kg6 393 lb
42Gorgosaurus libratus2.9 t2 900 kg6 393 lb
43Torvosaurus gurneyi2.8 t2 800 kg6 173 lb
44Teinurosaurus sauvagei2.8 t2 800 kg6 173 lb
45“Chicagotyrannus chicagotyrannus”2.7 t2 700 kg5 952 lb
46Labocania anomala2.6 t2 600 kg5 732 lb
47“Megalosaurus” insignis2.5 t2 500 kg5 512 lb
48“Allosaurus” medius2.5 t2 500 kg5 512 lb
49Daspletosaurus horneri2.5 t2 500 kg5 512 lb
50Ichthyovenator laosensis2.4 t2 400 kg5 291 lb
51Megalosaurus bucklandii2.4 t2 400 kg5 291 lb
52Dandakosaurus indicus2.3 t2 300 kg5 071 lb
53Prodeinodon mongoliensis2.3 t2 300 kg5 071 lb
54“Tyrannosaurus lanpingensis”2.3 t2 300 kg5 071 lb
55Deinodon horridus2.2 t2 200 kg4 850 lb
56Datanglong guangxiensis2.1 t2 100 kg4 630 lb
57Baryonyx walkeri2.0 t2 000 kg4 409 lb
58Sinotyrannus kazuoensis2.0 t2 000 kg4 409 lb
59Sinraptor hepingensis2.0 t2 000 kg4 409 lb
60Gigantoraptor erlianensis2.0 t2 000 kg4 409 lb
61Segnosaurus galbinensis2.0 t2 000 kg4 409 lb


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  1. Redakcjo, Ibrahim oszacowal objetosc FSAC KK 11888 na 3864 l, a dlugosc na 10.37 (in natural pose) i na 10.93 m (in maximum length) Spinozaur wg Franoysa ma gestosc 0.995
    0.995*3864 l=3845 kg.
    MSNM V4047 mial czaszke o dlugosci 147.7 cm, a Neotyp mial czaszke o dlugosci 112 cm
    Wiec MSNM V4047 wazyl 8818 kg.
    A jego dlugosc to 13.68 i 14.41 m

    Holotyp mial czaszke o dlugosci 113 cm i 7 kreg grzbietowy o dlugosci centrum 19 cm (vs 17 cm u FSAC KK 11888)
    Wiec mial 10.61 i 11.18 m, a waga to 4120 kg.

    Zuchwa BMNH R 16421 ma 69 cm, a czesc uzebiona zuchwy holotypu ma 51.7 cm.
    Moja szacunkowa dlugosc tego osobnika to 14.16 i 14.92 m, a moja szaunkowa Waga to 9793 kg
    Wiec mam dowody, ze Spinozaur osiagal wage 10 t

    1. Ciekawostka jest, ze fragment zuchwy pod nazwa BMNH R 16421 ma 17 zebodolow, a holotyp tylko 15

      1. Może lepiej, abyśmy założyli dla Ciebie blog, abyś mógł przedstawiać takie analizy? To będzie znacznie lepsze i czytelniejsze dla wielu odbiorców.

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