• Domestic cat (Felis catus)

    The Fascinating World of Domestic Cats From ancient Egyptian temples to modern-day homes, the cat (Felis catus) has captivated and…

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  • Javanese cat

    Colorpoint (Colourpoint) Longhair cat Javanese cat, Javi cat The exotic name corresponds very well with the appearance of the Javanese…

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  • Balinese cat – long-haired Siamese

    Balinese cat – purebred long-haired Siamese It is called a long-haired Siamese cat because of its appearance and disposition. The…

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  • Selkirk Rex

    Selkirk Rex cat

    Selkirk Rex – a cat resembling a lamb 🙂 The creator of the breed – Jeri Newman – named it…

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  • Turkish Van – a swimming cat

    Turkish Van – a semi-long hair cat A cat that does not always land on its four paws, but can…

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