• Photo of Bunyip – Aboriginal evil ghost?

    Bunyip – Aboriginal evil ghost?

    Bunyip – mythical creature from Australia In every culture, there is a figure of the evil spirit, the demon, who hunts people. The Slavs…

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  • Photo of Aboriginal Rainbow Serpent

    Aboriginal Rainbow Serpent

    Rainbow Snake Although Mediterranean mythologies today are considered dead, in many places in the world the situation looks completely different.…

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  • Photo of Black Dog

    Black Dog

    Black Dog The British Isles are considered one of the most haunted places on earth. It is not entirely clear…

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  • Photo of King Kong – Eighth Wonder of the World

    King Kong – Eighth Wonder of the World

    King Kong – amazing “love story” The hero of movies, comics, cartoons and books. Presented as a wild beast, wanting…

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  • Photo of Beast of Gévaudan

    Beast of Gévaudan

    Beast of Gévaudan (La Bête du Gévaudan) The events presented in the film “The Wolf Brotherhood” (fr. Le pacte des loups)…

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