• Dyatlov Pass incident

    The tragedy at the Dyatlov Pass – what really happened? On the night of February 1-2, 1959, in the Urals,…

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  • Chupacabra – a mysterious animal

    The mysterious chupacabra (chupacabras) The Chupacabra is a mysterious animal with many texts written about and which feeds the mass…

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  • Mokele-mbembe – a dinosaur in Africa?

    Mokele-mbembe – do dinosaurs live in Africa? In the novel “The Lost World”, Arthur Conan-Doyle described a plateau where dinosaurs…

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  • Alma – Yeti from Mongolia

    Alma (cryptid) – the Mongolian equivalent of Yeti Alma is a monkey-like cryptid native to Central Asia. This creature is…

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  • Nandi bear

    Nandi bear – the mysterious predator of the African savannah All over the world, in the stories of hunters, there…

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