Help animals

We have more than 2000 animals in our websites. Some of them are already extinct 🙁
We have to feed the rest of them with something.

In DinoAnimals, there are practically no ads (we rarely manage to get them), so all the costs of its creation and service rest on our shoulders.

Paying only for hosting and domains costs several thousand, we do not even mention the costs of creating websites.

DA is not a single site, but a group of websites. The readers have at their disposal websites in several languages.

We create websites, answer thousands of your questions and bear the costs of their maintenance, although they are used by 5 000 000 people every year.

If you don’t want animals to be hungry, pay at least one dollar a month.
This will allow us to add more animals to the websites every day, and the animals will be healthy and happy 🙂


We thank all readers for their contributions.

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