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The largest eagles – Top 10

The biggest eagles in the World – Top 10

Eagles are large, powerfully built birds of prey with heavy heads, beaks, and large wingspans. Because of their size and strength, eagles are at the top of the food chain as apex predators in the bird world. Eagles are among the largest birds of prey: only condors, some vultures, pelicans, marabou storks, and some cranes are larger.

Eagles – size, dimensions

Eagles, like other birds, could be measured in different ways:

  • Total length
  • Body mass
  • Wingspan
Philippine eagle, monkey-eating eagle, great Philippine eagle (Pithecophaga jefferyi)

Which is the largest eagle in the world?

The different lifestyle needs among various eagles result in variable measurements from species to species. Many forest-dwelling eagles, including the harpy and Philippine eagles, have relatively short wingspans, a feature necessary for being able to maneuver in quick, short bursts through dense forested habitats.

On the other hand, eagles that are almost strictly found in open country have relatively long wings for their size, such as the white-tailed eagle or the golden eagle.

Below are lists of the top five eagles ranked by weight, length, and wingspan, including both the median and maximum figures.

Bald eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus)

The largest eagles in the world – Top 10

The heaviest eagles

1. Steller’s sea eagle (Haliaeetus pelagicus)
  • average weight: 6.7 kg (15 lb)
  • maximum weight: 9 kg (20 lb)
2. Philippine eagle (Pithecophaga jefferyi)
  • average weight: 6.35 kg (14 lb)
  • maximum weight: 8 kg (18 lb)
3. Harpy eagle (Harpia harpyja)
  • average weight: 5.95 kg (13.1 lb)
  • maximum weight: 9 kg (20 lb) / captive 12.3 kg (27.1 lb)
4. White-tailed eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla)
  • average weight: 4.8 kg (11 lb)
  • maximum weight: 7.5 kg (17 lb)
5. Martial eagle (Polemaetus bellicosus)
  • average weight: 4.6 kg (10 lb)
  • maximum weight: 6.2 kg (13.7 lb)


Golden eagle (Aquila chrysaetos)

The longest eagles

1. Philippine eagle (Pithecophaga jefferyi)
  • medium length: 100 cm (3ft 3in)
  • maximum length: 112 cm (3ft 8in)
2. Harpy eagle (Harpia harpyja)
  • medium length: 95.5 cm (3ft 2in)
  • maximum length: 107 cm (3ft 6in)
3. Wedge-tailed eagle (Aquila audax)
  • medium length: 95.5 cm (3ft 2in)
  • maximum length: 106 cm (3ft 6 in)
4. Steller’s sea eagle (Haliaeetus pelagicus)
  • medium length: 95 cm (3ft 1in)
  • maximum length: 105 cm (3ft 5in)
5. Crowned eagle (Stephanoaetus coronatus)
  • medium length: 87.5 cm (2ft 10in)
  • maximum length: 99 cm (3ft 3in)


Harpy eagle (Harpia harpyja)

Eagles with the largest wingspan

1. White-tailed eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla)
  • average wingspan: 218.5 cm (7ft 2in)
  • maximum wingspan: 253 cm (8.3 ft)
2. Steller’s sea eagle (Haliaeetus pelagicus)
  • average wingspan: 212.5 cm (7 ft)
  • maximum wingspan: 250 cm (8ft 2in)
3. Wedge-tailed eagle (Aquila audax)
  • average wingspan: 210 cm (6ft 11in)
  • maximum wingspan: 284 cm (9ft 4in)
4. Golden eagle (Aquila chrysaetos)
  • average wingspan: 207 cm (6ft 9in)
  • maximum wingspan: 281 cm (9ft 3in)
5. Martial eagle (Polemaetus bellicosus)
  • average wingspan: 206.5 cm (6ft 9in)
  • maximum wingspan: 260 cm (8 ft 6in)


Steller’s sea eagle (Haliaeetus pelagicus)

The largest eagle that ever lived

Haast’s eagle (Harpagornis moorei)

The largest eagle that ever lived on Earth, was the Haast’s eagle. This eagle lived in the South Island of New Zealand, and became extinct around 1400. The Haast’s eagle is considered the largest known eagle of all time, and was even bigger than today’s vultures. You can read more about this eagle in the article: Haast’s eagle – the largest eagle that ever existed.

  • average wingspan: 260 (8ft 6in)
  • maximum wingspan: 300 cm (9ft 10in)
  • average weight: 10 kg (22lb)
  • maximum weight: 15 kg (33 lb)
  • medium length: 130 (4ft 3in)
  • maximum length: 140 cm (4ft 7in)
Haast’s eagle (Harpagornis moorei)


The figures listed above represent median values reported in the guide ‘Raptors of the World’. The authors of the guide only included measurements that they could personally verify.

Why eagles are unique?

The eagles have at least one unique characteristic. Most birds of prey look back over their shoulders before striking prey (or shortly after); predation is, after all, a double-edged sword. All hawks seem to have this habit, from the smallest kestrel to the largest ferruginous hawk – but not eagles. Eagles, as befits the true kings of the sky, do not look back.


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  1. I love eagles, they are extraordinary, majestic and proud birds. I admire their strength and nieustarszoność. They are the kings of the skies …

  2. I wish to correct this article. In the paragraph ‘Which is the largest eagle in the world?’
    White tailed eagle is included in Aquila together with Golden eagle when it is actually in Haliaeetus.

  3. such a strange way to class the largeness of eagles. weight??! seriously that is just lazy to assume that weight makes a larger eagle.. weight and mass are very different factors.
    using the medium of total highest wing span? are you trying to push a specific eagle you think personally is a bigger eagle? people wanted to know which was the largest there is, by maximum recorded information not overall by medium values. i cant help feel the way you laid out the information is bias. the wedge tailed eagle has a maximum recorded wing span of 9 feet 4 inches.. that is the largest wingspan of any predatory bird living ever recorded. no matter how much a white tailed eagle grows or lives it will never have a wingspan of 9 feet 4 inches. so to give it a number 1 slot is just a cheat too the system of measurement.

  4. the wingspan should be median not max. therefore Philippine eagle should be 1st and white-tailed eagle is 2nd

  5. I love the photos of the American bald eagles. Where do they feature on this list again? I seem to have missed it.

  6. Philippine eagle (Pithecophaga jefferyi), also known as the monkey-eating eagle or great Philippine eagle is impressive. Philippine eagles are opportunistic hunters and prey on a wide range of vertebrates, primarily tree-dwelling animals. The main food are mammals.

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