• Tambora volcano eruption

    The eruption of the Tambora volcano in 1815 The largest eruption in recorded human history The eruption of the Tambora…

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  • Werewolf, werewolves

    Werewolf Tales from Around the World: A Global Exploration of Lycanthropy It was a dark and stormy night, and the…

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  • Minnesota Iceman

    The Iceman from Minnesota Reports on relic hominids, such as Yeti or Bigfoot, from various parts of the globe, have…

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  • Dyatlov Pass incident

    The tragedy at the Dyatlov Pass – what really happened? On the night of February 1-2, 1959, in the Urals,…

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  • Alma – Yeti from Mongolia

    Alma (cryptid) – the Mongolian equivalent of Yeti Alma is a monkey-like cryptid native to Central Asia. This creature is…

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