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Lion versus tiger – fight

Lion vs tiger – which will win?

The battle – analysis of the duel between a tiger and a lion

The scenarios of a fight between a lion and a tiger have been discussed for ages. There are also historical sources describing the results of fights between these big cats. Which of these predators – a tiger or a lion – will be the winner? Can there be only one? We will try to find out through an analysis conducted below.

Animal fights

Before we get to a detailed analysis of a fight between a lion and a tiger, we would like to invite you to read a similar analysis of fights between other animals and our readers’ extended comments and reflections here: The analysis of animal fights.

Lion versus tiger
Lion versus tiger

Lion and tiger – a comparison of sizes and temperaments


The largest representatives of tigers include the Siberian tiger (Panthera tigris altaica) and the Bengal tiger (Panthera tigris tigris). They are also the largest representatives of the genus Panthera, and the biggest cats in the world. The largest measured Siberian tiger weighed 465 kg (1025 lb), and the Bengal tiger 388.7 kg (856lb); the average weight of these species is respectively: 230 kg (507 lb) and 221.2 kg (487 lb).

The biggest known wild African lion (Panthera leo) reached a weight of 313 kg (690 lb), and another male weighed 275 kg (606 lb). However, these were unique individuals – the data comes from 1936 and 1973. The heaviest lion in the Colchester Zoo is said to have weighed 374.5 kg (825 lb). The average body mass of male Asian lions (Panthera leo persica) is much lower – it is about 175 kg (385 lb). The African subspecies weighs 186 kg (410 lb) averagely (females weigh 120-127 kg (264 – 279 lb)).

The weight of a lion may vary significantly depending on what the animal has eaten. As an enormous African predator, it can devour 30 kg (66 lb) of meat in one go. Thus, it can affect the measurement results. We are emphasizing this, because the tigers’ given weight concerns the cat on an empty stomach, and in the case of the lion, it’s after a meal.

You should also remember, that, apart from the size, the results of this fight are also influenced by such factors as the age and level of aggressiveness of a given animal. However, the fact remains, that, at least when it comes to aggressiveness, the tiger is the absolute favorite.

Lion versus tiger
Lion vs. tiger. Which will win?

Size of the brain and bite force

On the basis of a study conducted at the University of Oxford, it has been concluded that tigers have much bigger brains in relation to their body size than lions and other big cats. The cranial capacity is also bigger – even the females of relatively small, extinct Bali tigers (65-80 kg (143 – 176 lb) of weight) had skulls as big as those of South African male lions (average weight of 189.6 kg (417 lb)) – the largest modern-day representatives of the species Panthera leo in the wild.

A number of conducted studies have said that tigers’ brains are by 25% bigger than lions’.

Lion versus tiger
Lion vs. tiger. Which will win?

Bite force

Tigers have not only stronger absolute bite force, but also bite force proportional to their body mass. The bite force quotient (BFQ) informing about the bite force divided by the animal body mass is 127 for a tiger, and 112 for a lion. However, these are not the highest values of BFQ, because the highest ones are for the leopard and jaguar, and they are both 137. But this is nothing when compared to the BFQ for the Tasmanian devil, which is 181! You can find more information about it in the article – The strongest mammalian jaws – TOP10.

Lion versus tiger
A tiger has longest canines than a lion


A lion behaves in a different way than a tiger, and the biggest difference is in their social life. Lions are gregarious but they may be lazier and slower, because living in a group gives them more chances for survival. A tiger, as a typical loner, has to have eyes in the back of its head, and in case of a confrontation with an enemy, an instant reaction (an attack or defense) and cruelty, as well as being larger than a lion, are its strongest weapon. Therefore, it is possible, that a tiger’s lifestyle influences its high intelligence, speed and artfulness, which are greater than those of a lion.

Lion versus tiger
A lion has smaller canines than a tiger

Fights in captivity

Although lions and tigers can live together in captivity, there have been cases of their deadly encounters from time to time. The last incident was in 2011 in a Turkish zoo in Ankara. As you might imagine, a tiger was the initiator of this fight, as it attacked a lion and killed it with one hit of its paw. The African cat died in its own blood because of the rupture of the internal jugular vein.

Similar unexpected tigers’ attacks took place in 1909 in Coney Island (USA) and in 1875 in an English zoo (Bromwich) – a tiger forced entry in a lion’s cage. Although the lion’s head and neck were protected by its mane, the animal died due to severe stomach injuries.

Usually, in such encounters, it is a tiger that wins, but occasionally, lions kill smaller tigers in captivity as well. In 2008 in a Korean zoo, a male lion of the weight of 110 kg (242 lb) killed a 90 kg (198 lb) tigress with a bite on her neck. A similar case occurred in the 1950s in a circus tent, when a lion unexpectedly jumped from a tall seat and bit a tigress during a show. The tigress died after an hour due to injuries.

Lion versus tiger
Tiger vs. lion. Which will win?

Fights between lions and tigers in history

Fights between the two largest cats in the world could be watched in circuses built in ancient Rome. The audience bet on which “competitor” would win – usually it was a tiger that had the majority of votes.

Roman Emperor, Titus, had Bengal tigers which had been forced to fight with African lions. The tigers had always won.

The king of an Indian historical region Awadh owned a tiger that killed 30 lions in arranged fights, and another one in a London zoo, where it had been transported to.

One of the British officers serving in Sierra Leone often observed fights between tigers and lions that had been usually won by tigers. At the end of the 20th century, in Western India, a battle between a Barbary lion and a Bengal tiger had been arranged, in which the lion was savaged by the striped opponent.

Lion versus tiger
Real fight: lion vs. tiger. The tiger is the initiative party

Style of fight

Clash in the wild

Tigers and lions have completely different lifestyles in their natural environments, and it is reflected in their fighting techniques. The lion is a brutal tyrant, which tries to show its domination over other animals. The tiger is a careful strategist that chooses when and where to fight.

If these two cats met in an open space, in wild backwoods, it would be more likely that the tiger would have backed out, avoiding the fight.

Lions are usually more eager to fight, and because of their ruffled mane, they seem bigger from a tiger’s point of view. A tiger will try to avoid a fight in order not to get unnecessarily injured due to the typical aggression of a lion.

Lion versus tiger
Lion and tiger – do we really need to know which one would win?


When it comes to a fight, we can witness different styles – similarly to an MMA fight. A lion will try to persistently attack, attempting to push a tiger. When the tiger starts to back out, the lion will chase it.

However, the tiger is a great and fast boxer that, on contrary to the lion, uses its forepaws to hit. The lion can’t do that (it can take such a position only for a short while) – it has to stand on three legs, and hit with only one forepaw (its hinder legs are too weak).

The tiger, hitting with two forepaws, usually makes the lion lose its balance and fall down. However, because such hits have no full strength, the lion stands up and continues to fight. The existing records confirm this fighting style. It is important, that if the fight area isn’t confined, the tiger will be likely to give up, because of its common sense, as it will realize that such a fight would be pointless and it might have got unnecessarily injured.

The situation looks a bit different in the case of Bengal tigers, because they are extremely aggressive and strive for domination, just as lions, which, in combination with fighting in a confined area (described in the next paragraph), can be extremely dangerous for a lion, even in an open area.

Jaipur the biggest tiger
Jaipur – the largest tiger in captivity which weight was 465 kg (Guinness Book of Records from 1983)

Fight in confinement

If a fight occurs in a confined area, the situation is completely different. A tiger will have an advantage because of several reasons, therefore, it will win the majority of fights in captivity.

Lions usually fight to emphasize their domination, and they don’t fight for life or death.

When a tiger is forced to fight, it will start treating a lion not as an opponent that it wants to dominate, but as a prey that it wants to kill.

Lion versus tiger
Lion versus tiger

Lion – a fighter, tiger – a killer

To compare these two animals, I will use images: a lion can be a good fighter in the ring, but a tiger is a professional killer, a trained soldier from a task force whose only goal is to kill and survive.

The lion usually doesn’t participate in fights in which it has to fight for its life (it will roar, hit a few times, ruffle its mane, and either give up because of a stronger opponent, or dominate another male). In the case of an opponent that is trying to kill it, the lion has smaller chances to win, and its fighting style becomes its weakness. It stands up face to face with a killer that has nowhere to back out and won’t let go.

Many trainers and caregivers of tigers agree that when a tiger is forced to fight, the fight ends with the tiger’s opponent’s death.

Siberian tiger (Panthera tigris altaica)
Siberian tiger (Panthera tigris altaica)

Opinions of experts

John Varty

John Varty, the owner of Londolozi Game Reserve in South Africa, said: “People always ask me, which one is bigger? If a tiger and a lion had to fight, which one would win? Well, I’ve seen tigers easily crushing a leopard tortoise (Psammobates pardalis) with its teeth. Lions tried to do the same, but it was much harder for them. In case of a fight between these two cats, a tiger will always win.”

Big Cat Rescue Tampa

The employees of Big Cat Rescue Tampa in Florida believe, that although a fight between a lion and a tiger depends on the size, age and aggressiveness of particular animals, tigers are much more advantageous.

Lion (Panthera leo)
Lion (Panthera leo)

Save China’s Tigers

The employees of the organization protecting South China tigers, Save China’s Tigers, claim: “The latest studies show that a tiger is really stronger than a lion. Lions hunt in groups, and tigers are on their own. A tiger is also larger than a lion.”

The majority of experts are in favor of the Siberian tiger and Bengal tiger to win such a fight.

Lion vs tiger – comparison

Dave Salmoni

Dave Salmoni, a Canadian wild animal trainer and film producer, was asked on Animal Planet which animal in his opinion would win a fight – a tiger or a lion. Although he had never seen such a fight and had never analyzed it, he believed that a lion was a born fighter which fought every day.

Although Salmoni thinks that lions are poor hunters (lionesses are better), they’re born fighters that often fight, which would make a lion advantageous in a fight with a tiger. Of course, the animals would have to be of similar weight. Salmoni emphasized, that while training lions he noticed that lions had liked to fight at every occasion – they were easily provoked, but also could be easily stopped by a particular behavior or submission.

It is different with a tiger. Here is an actual quote by Salmoni: “If a tiger decides to kill you, nothing can stop it and you can do nothing. A tiger will never change its mind.” It’s a conclusion that distinguishes a tiger from a lion.

However, it must be noted, that Salmoni chose a tiger as his favorite in a different program.

Indochinese tiger (Panthera tigris corbetti)
Indochinese tiger (Panthera tigris corbetti)

John Smith Clarke

John Smith Clarke, a British lion trainer, in his lecture on a fight between a lion and a tiger at the University of Glasgow Zoological Society, analyzed the fighting style of these cats on the basis of a real, recorded fight.

In his opinion (we’re pointing out, it’s John Clarke’s opinion), 100 on 100 fights will be always won by a tiger. A tiger of a similar size is more agile (it’s not as clumsy – Smith’s opinion), it’s equally strong and similarly armed (canines and claws), but it fights in a different way. A tiger often turns on its back, gripping a lion until it defeats it.

Louis Roth

An animal trainer, Louis Roth, has learned many theories about a fight between a lion and a tiger, and in his opinion, none of them is completely accurate. He believes that a tiger is likely to win as well as a lion.

Lion versus tiger
Lion vs. tiger. Maybe they should live in peace :)?

Tiger vs lion – interesting facts

  • A fight between a lion and a tiger has been immortalized on the Seringapatam Medal which was distributed to British and Indian soldiers who participated in the British East India Company.
  • In zoos, guards are sensitized to beware of tigers that can attack without a warning.
  • We’ve written several times about tigers attacking people in zoos and circuses in the past, which ended fatally for humans – see: Sumatran tiger (Panthera tigris sumatrae).
  • You can see numerous videos on the Internet, presenting the aggressive character of tigers, especially Bengal tigers, that initiate fights with lions in zoos.
  • The tiger is advantageous over the lion while standing on hinder legs during a fight.
  • A tiger can use both its forepaws at the same time during a fight, while a lion can only hit with one forepaw.
Royal Bengal tiger (Panthera tigris tigris)
Royal Bengal tiger (Panthera tigris tigris)


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    1. A Tiger fanboy website

      All the comments are ludicrously slanted and the images misrepresented in terms of relative size.

    The best way to make a judgment is the see them in action. There are several lion/tiger fair fights cut on films and videos and the male lion is victorious. There is even and old male lion defeating two tigers with great ease and a sub adult male lion given a severe beating to a tiger. Most other fights the tigers were not even close to win. Plus there are several tigers submitting clearly to a male lion. Watching all these lions and tigers in action we can see a pattern. After a few minutes a tiger cannot endure any more a face to face with a male lion, the lions is too powerful. In all cases the tiger tried to make and escape and the male lion ran after him. Your statistics does not reflect the facts other wise there would not had been so many lion’s victories and tigers submissions. Now if we look at antique artifacts it’s the same pattern too a single lion defeating a tiger or two tigers. Other facts lions can fight standing on two legs and the speed of their strikes was measure the same as the tiger’s. Male Lions prefer power blows to number of strikes. Other facts, the lion is on the list of the toughest animal on earth. The tiger is not on the list. This means the male lion is strongly built and as a greater will power. In hunting and in fighting lions are all about brute power they blows are more powerful then the tiger’s they don’t need to give a whole bunch. Lions are better fighters. Lions Roth that you mentioned was a lions and tiger trainer. He saw lions killings tigers and said the lion is the better fighter. In a fair fight a male lion will win most of the time. The lion is truly king of the beasts.

    1. One video showing a larger lion using multiple lions besting up a smaller baby Sumatra tigeress wow that seems fair! Lion lover so sad and weak!

      1. I’m belong to India..where lions and tiger lives together….but I never seen or any account in out history where a wild tiger killed a wild lion…they always run off from lion…and if they not..they always killed by lion…here several ancient script and monuments where several records showing the lion was the dominant..thats why our old and greatest king of all times great ashoka had 4 lions artifact. And in current times..the lion growing too much in past 5 years…now our government shifted near by tiger area or tiger reserve from the gir lion sanctuary…because lions now too much there ..the lions now going out of their area for search of food..killing locals cows…and recently they killed tigers ..thats why government now shifting tigers places..coz tigers conservative worried about that…and our ancient script with pictures and well documented account..where Asiatic lions were known as killer of Siberian tigers entering from Himalaya of north…and don’t think Asiatic lion small…they very big if their food availability good…and I seen roman animal gladiator by book..there were no record of tiger defeating lions…which wikipedia pages talking about..i think wikipedia should check the status of researcher who posted so wrongly that tiger was dominant…actual in that roman scripture mostly the tiger fought with black panther….we should believe that reality rather than fact….and the courage of lion that’s make him lion as Lion…

        1. In many books, tigers are described as cowards. They rarely show true courage and would attack by surprise mostly by the back. Tigers are no fighters in the first place they rarely do. The male lion is a born fighter every body knows this.

  2. The Lion is the better fighter, he fights like a real boxer, moving his head to avoid his opponents strikes, the only big cat who masters this technigue.He has the strongest build ,because a male Lion is born to fight because of defending the Pride! He is also the most agressive, courages one of all big cats and almost never backs down! Many times, tigers flee after they realize after facing a fight with a Lion ,he can be injured and has no opportunity to hunt for some time.Tigers have a natural fear of Lions in general when they encounter each other, the lion is relaxed in the presence of tigers, tigers feel tense. I will put my money on the Lion, no doubt!

  3. the lion is a better fighter… the tiger a killer.. lions have more brutal strikes than d tiger when its comes to fighting each other… #leo de bestie#

  4. But several lions will struggle to take down a 900kg buffalo, where one tiger will easily kill a 1500 kg Asian gaur. This shows that tigers are definitely much more efficient killers. Lions and tigers are very similar in size, but tigers are at least 30kg heavier. This shows that despite them being the same size, the tiger must have more muscle. This is evident in the facts that a tiger can fight with both arms and stand on its back legs where a lion cannot. A tiger fighting with two arms will usually defeat a lion fighting with one arm, as the lion must use at least three limbs to stand, as its back legs are not strong enough to support its body. Because it has more muscle, a tigers bite is also stronger than a lions. The tiger may seem submissive because it will usually not want to fight for no reason where lion will happily fight. But when a forced to fight to the death, a tiger will almost always win. A male lion rarely has to hunt and kill, or even fight to the death. Tigers have to kill prey by themselves every day, and often fight to the death with other tigers over hunting territory. Overall, in a fight to the death, a tiger is more likely to win, and is a stronger and more powerful animal.

    1. A lion almost always fights to the death too and they lead probably the most brutal life of all the Big Cats. And yes male lions DO hunt alone, especially when they get ousted from the pride by another lion. And unlike make lions, male tigers don’t fight each other as much. And while some tiger species might be bigger, they aren’t always stronger. So what are you talking about?

    2. I agree with everything you’ve said. Tigers rule! I have a close personal experience with Tigers, the Royal Bengal Tiger.
      Jim Corbett was a friend of Dad’s family. He was commissioned by the GOI (govt.of India) to hunt the man eating Tigers plaguing many rural areas of the country. The Champawat maneater which accounted for 460 + human fatalities was among the numerous felines his many books featured. The first Game sanctuary/wildlife preserve was named after him. The Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand, India. Tigers are solitary predators and Lions hunt in prides. They conduct an orchestrated attack on prey where each member of the pride has a specific role. Tigers rely on stealth, camouflage and sheer, Surprise, speed and raw power and athleticism, if you will. They are not the first to be provoked against another predator like a Lion but unlike the maned feline which is easily provoked they fight to kill. They always consider the Lion as prey and not as an adversary.
      Tiger wins every time. They outsize Lions by at least 300 lbs.
      As you’ve stated they are better able to balance themselves, standing up on two legs and sparring with both arms. Lions only use one arm/paw. I’m planning on writing a book with a number of different possible titles. ‘Striped Lightening’ is one.
      ‘He s?s you when you dont’ . Striped terror is already taken I think. Anyway it promises to be fun writing about my favorite feline, animal and predator. Cheers! ??

  5. Lots of videos in the internet on fight to death between lion and tiger. Always, the Lion wins. There is also video of a Tiger Leopard fight, the small leopard won. You can compare it in fight between a lion vs. leopard. All the fights are mismatch for the lion. I do not know what these expert is talking about.

  6. Wow everyone s lion lover and apologist. All the documented events in the past tells you 100 times out of 100 same size tiger vs lion tiger wion! Stop the fantasy Let me summed it up for you tiger is Asian and smarter with a lot larger brain. Lion is African small brain draw your own conclusion. Also, tiger has martial art fighting style lion does not and fight very simple.

    1. No, they DON’T. And it’s clear that you and this author were tiger fans and only used the accounts where the tiger won but then omitted all of the accounts that the LION won. And how convenient of the author of this article to point out when he acknowledged the lion won sometimes, he claimed it was because of that particular tiger’s smaller size, but then he didn’t mention the same details of each time the tiger won whether or not it was against a smaller lion. And male lions fight FAR more than male tigers who can go without ever seeingv another make while male lions are constantly challenging each other, often to the death. And the paw swipe of a male lion is stronger than the paw swipe of a tiger. So get your facts straight.

    1. No, it’s not. This article was heavily biased and only used the accounts where the tiger won but conveniently omitted all the accounts and expert opinions that ckaimed lion winning. So maybe YOU tiger fans should keep dreaming if you gave to so heavily slant the facts to make it seem like the tiger is “better.”

    Animal observation and general behaving of these two great cats is very revealing. *TIGER*: The tiger is made for swift kills and he gives everything he as at the start. It uses swiftness and great techniques more than power. A tiger doesn’t strike prey and rarely does in a fight with another tiger. Tigers use their paws to grip prey or another tiger. The general idea is to do a swift kill or an immediate hold on an opponent. The tiger would avoid frontal attacks unless it is very safe to do so. Tigers would in general attack by the rear (typically when they face a small sloth bear they never do a face to face fight, they always go by the back). In a hunt after a first fail he will never or very rarely try another attend. In general tigers easily quits. In general they are not physically and mentally very tenacious. Tigers would avoid fights, when they do, it is very mild in comparison with a lion, few are serious confrontations. The tiger’s strength is more evenly spread that gives them greater agility and better ability to jump. So for the tiger swiftness is their best asset, power only second and fighting skill last. *LION*: Male lions are not as agile, so they rely more on muscle power. The lion’s muscles structure is more concentrated at the front, his chess (lungs) neck and shoulders are in comparison larger more fit for brutal actions like, frequent combats and pulling down large preys with their legendry strong legs. Being slower but bolder male lions would do frontal attacks on large preys if it’s necessary. Lions would use their strong paws to strike prey and would use them a lot more often than tigers in fights. They do not easily quit and can show extraordinary tenacity and will power. Lions fight regularly and received in their lives a great number of hits and wounds. They have a very brutal lifestyle but they are built much tougher than tigers so they can take it. The fearless male lions are fighting specialists. So Lions used first power (in hunt and fighting) agility is second. *LION VS TIGER* : Notice when a large tiger face a mature healthy male lion it would try to fight at a distance and use his paws to strike him. He will avoid being too close to his stronger adversary. Typically it will realize it is pointless and will go by the back and then trying to make and escaped. This is typically what the historical movie fights showed. So far all the ones I saw the lion was the victorious. In fair fights (with no element of surprise) a healthy male lion would win most of the time. One other thing. What generally happens when a healthy male lion is in the same enclosure with tigers? He will control the food. What nature teaches us? The alpha is always the one who controls the food. Nature doesn’t give what they don’t or rarely use, the strongest striking power belongs to the lion.

    1. Acho que vc deveria pesquisar mais , sua opinião é respeitada sim mas isso que vc disse acontece em ocasiões raras , ou quando o leão é filhote ou velho em cativeiro……na maioria das vezes o tigre foge ou fica submisso .
      Sobre a caça nos vemos que as leoas são as rainhas em seguida o tigre porem os leoes podem sim abater presas de grande porte ainda maiores do que as di tigre , peso não é o fator determinante para uma Vitória na luta , mas ajuda o tigre na hora de segurar um gaur morde a garganta e usa o peso para impedir a vitima de escapar

  8. So despite pretty much every expert proclaiming that the Tiger would win people still think the Lion is the victor? Lol Tiger is bigger, more agile, more ruthless , more intelligent, and in a fight to the death more likely to finish a Lion off as it has the killer instinct

    1. Any tiger that weighs in at the same or greater weight than a similarly sized lion has more than just a few advantages when it comes to a fight to the death. One, the tiger will try to kill his opponent of provoked, if only to stop the lion from hurting him or herself. Two, and this is more important than my 1st point, the tiger is a born and raised killer, where the scrawny by comparison adult male lion is a puppet king. Lions do not have the strength or even close to the stamina of a tiger that has been threatened with violence; in such a situation the tiger will try to run away or simply kill the lion. Obviously if the aggression takes place in an open area then the tiger will try to escape to a more advantageously confined space, but only because it wants to kill, not fight until submission like a lion. Whenever a lion actually kills a huge it is usually because it chose to pick on smaller animals than itself. An equally sized tiger not only weighs more than a lion, but also moves faster and more powerfully. Tiger wins, hands down, more than 9 times out of 10. Period.

      1. No, it DOESN’T win “hands down. Period.” You and all other tiger lovers have conveniently ignored all the expert opinions and documentation where the LIONS win. Tigers NEVER win ALL the fights against lions. Not even close.


      1-Antique Chinese and other tiger lands lion thrones
      2- Tibetan-Mongolian lion throne
      3-India lion throne of Raja of Benaras, at National Museum, Delhi Throne_national_museum_india.JPG/220px-Throne_national_museum_india.JPG
      4-India lion throne
      5-India lion throne
      6-India Singh Maharaja lion throne
      7-India made ivory lion throne
      8-Lion throne of Ski Lanka King Vri Wickrama Rajasinha
      9-Throne of Ski Lanka Kings of Kandy, National Museum
      10-The royal lion throne of Myanmar
      11- Mandalay (Burma) royal palace lion throne,_Mandalay_Palace.jpg


      15 /image/4433276/189.JPG

      22- Black and white film tiger lion fight. Tiger loose retreats lion running after.
      23- Black and white film lion wins, run after tiger.
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      25- Lions defeat tigers. Tiger jumped on the roof of a tent to escape.
      26- The Lost Jungle 1934 part 3 black and white film at 7:33 min. to 8:19min. Male lion winner run after the tiger.
      28- Two lion cubs (adolescent, not sub adult yet) killed a tiger (actually one male lion made the throat bite) the zookeeper and crowd were panicking the tiger on his side not moving.
      29- 1929 black and white film Gir forest lion kill tiger.
      31- Single male lion inter a group of 7 tigers or more and made than all retreat.
      32- Lion not using the 3 position stand gave couple of fast blows to a Siberian tiger.
      35- Why the Koreans did this? One caged lioness with 3 most likely tigresses. Outnumbered and trap in a cage. The lioness showed great ferocity, making the tigers back off and showing submission to her.
      37- TWO INTIMIDATED MALE TIGERS (notice these two tigers were in a high position, perhaps first and second dominant male tigers)
      40- Lioness chase white tiger
      41- Male lion control the food tiger force to back up.
      42- Male lion control the food tiger force to back up.
      43- Male lion steal the tiger’s food, tiger force to back up.
      44- White male lion and three white tigers. Lion inters first, tigers keep distance from the lion.
      45- At 8:30 min. of the video. Koreans gave enrichment ball toy with a chicken inside to 3 or 4 tigers, probably attracted by the smell, one male lion and two lionesses came in the tiger’s side and took the ball from the tigers who immediately had retreated. The lions brought the ball to the lion’s side. When it comes for food, tigers knows that the male lion mean business. Another example of lions in control.
      46- Male lion control food force Indian bear back off (male lion and a three legs lioness vs. two bears.
      47- A lion cub swipe makes an adult tiger back off:
      48- A submissive male tiger to a lioness and a submissive tigress to a male lion. As soon as the lioness made a growl the male tiger showed and immediate submission posture. The male lion came between the tigers and the lioness. The tigers back off and showed a submission posture to the male lion.
      50- Chicago Tribune April 11, 1937. Lion and tiger of similar sizes just photographed before the fight. No element of surprised both facing each other. It took only two minutes to the male lion to kill the tiger. jpg/afe76b9fba17490687ed96e388cf2b94_r.jpg?1436742736
      51- From an article of journal named Council Bluffs Nonpareil of the September 15, 1955, page 9. In a place called Playland Park in a small town in Iowa. A male lion named France during a circus performance had killed two tigers in a ring and still had enough of energy to fight other lions as well.
      1933 BIG CAGE FILM
      52-The Milwaukee journal July 18, 1962, the Burlington Hawk Eye Journal and the May 27, 1933, Santa Cruz News, page 3, explained the making of the 1933 Big Cage film shows that a single male lion had killed one by one in separately battles 3 male tigers. After the hose sequence the Lion bite the tiger through the tiger’s kidneys and killed him.
      53- Milwaukee journal July 18, 1962 gif/f4826dc5d50606ed235b18234caf25ad70d5e4a2_r.jpg
      54- On the 1933 Big Cage promotional poster the victorious lion is shown going to the throat of a tiger.

      1. LOL these are so skewed. The Iger has the Cantonese symbol for King on its forehead. For every video o showed there’s five more f a over whooping out of a lion. There’s tiger style kung fu and no such lion martial art (because lions have never had a combat art named after ten, because they’re not strong enough) you putting shines of lions shows how’s retarded you are. If you wanna fight irl get at me;
        I’ll bash your teeth down your throat an smash your rib cage in
        Also, in Rome the Tiger won every fight in every REAL documented fight to the death. Matter of fact a tiger even killed thirty lions once and then was retired. Oh and also what about the 37,000 to 1 odds on the bengal over the African lion in Baruda?
        What about when that tiger mauled the lion to death and the gaekwad lost all that money? How come everyone who wants an animal for power status buys a tiger? Mike Tyson even knows a tiger is far more powerful than a lion and Mike Tyson would fucking destroy you, same way I would you stupid insolent and frivolously educated fallaciously integrated little bitch. I love how you pull fake movies from the 20s that actually show a tiger who had killed lions prior in that same day (in Clyde beatty’s movie) and try to pull that as a genuine argument. The fact is a tiger is bigger, better armed, and has won every noteworthy historical account up to this point. Face it, YOU LOSE!!!

        1. Please stop it. The reason why LIONS gave no martial arts style named after them is not because they’re not strong enough (you’re pretty dumb if you even think that a male lion has no strength), but rather because the tiger is far more native to the EAST in general while lions are more native to the WEST (although there was a brief period when they did overlap).

          That’s why there’s a tiger in the Chinese Zodiac and no lion, but also why there’s a LION in the WESTERN Zodiac and no tiger.

          And your insane raving about Mike Tyson has NOTHING to do with the topic so shut up.

          I find it sooo funny and hypocritical how tiger fans claim lion fans can’t accept facts, but then when lion fans actually back up our claims and show all the victories of lions over tigers, we can see how defensive and fanatical and insane tiger fans get whenever their supposedly “expert opinions” are challenged.

          Just stop. You’re making a fool of yourself.

        2. And how convenient and hypocritical that you think the poster’s sources are skewed but not this heavily biased article that favors the tiger.

    3. Um, every expert did NOT claim the tiger as the winner. This heavily biased article just used the ones that favored the tiger, but then conveniently left out all of the historical accounts and expert opinions that favored the lion. And male lions fight each other and other tgreats far more than male tigers do who’s hunting style is mostly stealth and ambush.

    4. These 4-5 people are NOT “every expert” and it’s obvious the tiger-loving article only includes the evidence that favors tigers while conveniently ignoring all the experts and historical documentation that favored lions!

      Lions have KILLED tigers in the past too. Look it up. So the lion is just as strong, more courageous, more dominant, and and just as fierce! It is a fighter and killer BOTH.

  9. Biased article favoring the Tiger. Lions will win a fight against a Tiger 8/10 times. Key factor is resiliency. Tigers will give up on a fight very quickly while Lions fight to the death often.

  10. Altro stupendo forum dove viene spiegato molto bene perché la TIGRE è superiore al leone !!! D’altronde il 90%degli esperti e idem, il 90 % dei forum in Internet è tutto in favore della tigre !!! Perché questo ? Incominciamo a capire perché la TIGRE è superiore in tutto al leone !!! Il leone è un felino che vive in gruppo, e il 90% delle volte, sono le leonesse che cacciano per lui, il leone arriva il più delle volte solo per mangiare, quindi le leonesse sono più allenate e atletiche del leone maschio, tanto è vero che c’è pochissimo dimorfismo sessuale !! Intorno al leone ci sono molte credenze tutte sbagliate! !! Non è assolutamente vero che il leone è più abituato a combattere rispetto alla tigre , il leone combatte con altri leoni solo ogni 2-4 anni , per le femmine o per il predominio del territorio o del gruppo! !!! Il leone non è un buon combattente, molti zoologi lo ritengono il più goffo e lento fra tutti i felini!!! Difatti un maschio di leone adulto da solo, spesso rimane ucciso da un bufalo!!! 3 leoni non riescono ad uccidere un coccodrillo, al contrario una tigre in un uno contro uno , uccide un gaur , un coccodrillo , un bufalo , un rinoceronte, in pochi secondi !!! In tutta la storia, la TIGRE è riuscita ad uccidere 3 elefanti asiatici adulti! !!! La TIGRE è un enorme felino , e vive pressoché da sola !!! E la TIGRE, da sola, caccia prede grosse come quelle che , il leone caccia in gruppi di 6 – 20 leoni , pressoché quasi tutti adulti!!! Ecco perché la TIGRE è generalmente più grande, più robusta, e meglio equipaggiata del leone !!! È per questo che la tigre ha il cervello più grande del leone ed è più intelligente del Leone! !! Pensate che il tigre maschio ha il 30% più grande cervello del leone maschio! La tigressa ha il 21% più grande cervello della leonessa! !! Poi , prendiamo per esempio una tigre ed un Leone con lo stesso peso, bene , la tigre ha il 72.6% di muscoli in tutto il corpo, il leone solo 58.2% !!!!!!! Quindi la tigre è più forte e intelligente del leone !!! Ancora, la tigre ha a parità di dimensioni, zampe più grandi e forti del leone : tigre siberiana larghezza zampe fino a 24 CM. – tigre del bengala larghezza zampe fino a 20 CM. – leone larghezza zampe fino a 14.5 cm. Ancora larghezza torace : tigre siberiana record di 168 CM!!!!??tigre del Bengala larghezza torace fino a 150 CM. – leone larghezza torace fino a 130 CM. Ancora, la tigre ha anche il morso più potente, questo è dovuto dalla forma della sua testa più compatta e massiccia (come il giaguaro ) : tigre siberiana forza morso fino a 1275 psi – tigre del Bengala forza morso fino a 1100 psi – leone forza morso fino a 650 psi . La tigre è anche leggermente più sviluppata anche nelle spalle . Dobbiamo ancora dire che la tigre siberiana e la tigre del bengala sono generalmente anche più lunghe del leone di 10-35 cm. , dipende dagli esemplari . Riguardo all’altezza di questi felini, va detto che mediamente il leone è più alto di tigre del bengala e indocinese di 2-3 cm. , ma è più basso della tigre siberiana di 2-3 cm. , quindi almeno per l’altezza si somigliano! !! Esporro’ora i reali pesi medi di tigri e leoni
    TIGRE SIBERIANA : peso medio 230 KG ! Peso massimo abituale fino a 320 kg !!! Record 384 KG !!! Record in cattività confermato , tigre JAIPUR, 465 kg JAIPUR è anche nel Guinness dei record , famosa è la foto vicino la sua trainer !!
    TIGRE DEL BENGALA : peso medio 222 kg ! Peso massimo abituale 320 KG !!! Record 389.7 kg !!! Qui , dobbiamo dire che le BENGALA del Nord INDIA hanno il peso medio attualmente più alto fra tutti i grandi felini, mediamente hanno un peso intorno a 240 kg , ma nel parco nazionale del KAZIRANGA, la TIGRE DEL BENGALA ha un peso medio incredibile di 252 kg ????????e il record è un esemplare confermato di 360 kg ???questo è il felino più grande degli ultimi 60 anni in natura !!!!!!
    TIGRE INDOCINESE : Simile al leone per dimensioni, peso medio 180 kg . Peso massimo abituale 200 KG ! Record 250 KG !
    TIGRE CINESE : peso medio 160 kg ! Peso massimo fino a 190 kg
    TIGRE DI SUMATRA : peso medio 130 kg ! Peso massimo abituale fino a 150 kg ! Record 180 KG !!!
    TIGRE MALESE : Peso medio 120 KG ! Peso massimo 150 KG
    Abbiamo visto che 2 sottospecie sono più grandi del Leone, 2 sottospecie sono simili al leone , e solo 2 sottospecie sono in effetti , più piccole del leone !!!
    Leone : leone asiatico peso medio 170 KG , peso massimo abituale 210 KG ! Solo un record in natura , 310 kg ma molti dubbi riguardo questa misurazione – Leone africano peso medio 182 kg , peso massimo 225 KG !! Va detto che il leone sudafricano ha un peso medio di 188 kg , mentre la maggioranza degli altri leoni ha un peso medio di 170-175 kg
    Veniamo ora al tema caldo : TIGRE vs LEONE! !! Con tutta serenità dobbiamo dire che la TIGRE ha sempre dominato il leone , sia nell’antica Roma , che in ASIA, come pure in tutti i combattimenti avvenuti in cattività! Mi dispiace per ross vento, counter strike, brentlion, ed altri fanatici del leone , che continuano ostinatamente a far credere il contrario, ma il leone ha poche chances contro la tigre , i pochi casi in cui il leone ha vinto contro la tigre è avvenuto perché la criniera ha salvato il leone, ma la criniera non è puramente una protezione per il leone, ma è un richiamo per le leonesse !! Basti pensare che su 1902 combattimenti registrati nel Colosseo, la tigre vinse 1730 combattimenti! E il povero leone vinse solo 172 combattimenti! Conclusione : la tigre vinse il 91% dei combattimenti ????al tempo di Tito imperatore spesso facevano combattere 4 Tigri vs 5 leoni, per dare ai leoni più chances, ma le 4 tigri uccidevano i 5 leoni tutte le volte !!! In ASIA esistono documentazioni che arrivano dalle riserve in India , e gli zoologi hanno testimoniato come fossero costretti a spostare tutti i leoni da una riserva a un altra , per salvare i leoni dagli attacchi delle tigri , e spiegano come le Tigri abbiano quasi estinto il leone in ASIA! !! La TIGRE vince la maggioranza dei combattimenti perché è più imponente, meglio equipaggiata, più intelligente, più veloce , e combatte meglio del leone, potendo boxare in piedi per vari minuti e spostandosi a suo piacimento, e , contrariamente alle false teorie dei fans del leone , che non sanno più cosa doversi inventare , la tigre ha più resistenza del leone, io stesso ho scritto una grande lista, dove le Tigri hanno vinto combattimenti anche dopo 15 minuti !! E più volte una singola tigre ha ucciso 2 leoni simultaneamente !!! Anche nel falso circo di clyde beatty! !! BEATTY ebbe 8 leoni uccisi dalle tigri !!! Le tigri rimaste uccise nel circo di beatty avvennero perché band di 7-8 leoni attaccarono insieme una singola tigre ! Statistiche dei combattimenti :
    Tigre SIBERIANA vince 81-85% dei combattimenti vs il leone
    Tigre del BENGALA vince 74-78% dei combattimenti vs il leone
    TIGRE INDOCINESE VINCE 65% dei combattimenti vs il leone
    TIGRE CINESE VINCE 60% dei combattimenti vs il leone
    TIGRE SUMATRA VINCE 55% dei combattimenti vs il leone
    TIGRE MALESE vince 45-50% dei combattimenti vs il leone ( tigre malese è grande come un giaguaro!! )

    1. LOL… Nope. LIONS have beaten and killed tigers too. The fact that lions were able to kill and defeat the supposedly usually bigger tigers are even MORE a testament to its strength and bravery. This article was heavily biased and included all the times the tiger was favored but then left out all the times and expert opinions that favored the lion.

    1. JC, what are your arguments behind the lion? Comment without arguments makes no sense.

      1. How about the fact that there are just as many historical sources and modern fights in captivity and expert opinions that favor the Lion over the Tiger?

  11. Hi…I like both animals. I don’t know which one would win. But I saw a program in Discovery channel. There were 2 male cheetahs and 1 female. The male cheetahs tried to mate the female. At the time a big lion appeared from the bush. The two male cheetahs ran away and the Lion jumped over the female cheetah, which did not notice the arrival of lion … not more than 5-8 seconds … the female cheetah drowned into blood and died. But I cannot say that the lion can take down a tiger in the same way. I personally think that tiger is great, because even without mane that mostly protects a male lion’s skull from the deadly bite of animals (like tiger), a tiger looks so ferocious and fights a lion. @ Tiger lovers: I have one major concern here. If a tiger can kill a lion, it should be called then king of animals or king of jungle. But why is lion still called king of animals?

    1. The lion is probably called the king of the animal because of its mane. It looks so dignified and majestic – like a king. In addition, the lions are the only ones among cats to live in flocks and the male lion is the king of this flock.

    2. Their called king’s because the mane to white people symbolizes a crown and being a male lion who rules over his pride like a king so they call him the king but it’s not and it the biggest scavenger on the Savannah aside from a vulture while the tiger is the true king of the jungle on land and in the water animals get out of the way when a tiger comes along even Crocs are known to make way for tigers

  12. Tiger wins easily when it’s two of the same species and both being cats but ones more equipped for a one on one battle the bigger stronger animal will prevail and all advantages favor the tiger no matter what anybody says and from research it’s obvious the tiger is superior in hunting and fighting and it will kill any scavanger that tries it’s luck and lion fanboys be delsuional at best especially Ross wind who brings up edited Hollywood film clips in which very small tigers whip the lion only to have humans intervene and niggas be smoking crack or something

    1. First of all, when all things are equal the tiger does NOT have the most advantages and since your claim “no matter what anyone says” is proof that you’re basing all of that on mere opinion than actual fact.

      If anything, most of the times the tiger beat the lion was precisely because it was bigger. But if all things are equal, it’s been actually shown that the LION usually wins. How hypocritical you tiger fans don’t think it’s fair when a smaller tiger fights a bigger lion, but yet you conveniently don’t mention all the times the tiger won because it was fighting a smaller lion.

      It’s a fact that male tigers don’t fight as much as male lions that constantly fight and threaten each other and then when they lose to another male lion, the old lion is kicked out of the pride and has to hunt on its own so don’t say that male lions don’t fight or hunt. They have the most brutal lifestyles of all the Big Cats.

      Seriously… blatantly obvious tiger fanboys should stop trying to call out lion fan boys when you guys are just as delusional.

  13. Some basic facts to settle this, the tiger is far far more dangerous to people than lions, the biggest killer of people of the large wild animals in history for a reason! Lions are much easier tamed, tigers are said to not be tameable. I don’t know what that Indian on this site has observed but clearly the tigers are doing better in Asia than lions, before mass hunting tigers dominated the wilds of Asia, not lions. Would the asiatic lion be in such low numbers if they were superior to tigers? One could argue the case there’s no natural tigers in Asia cos the African lion is superior too of course.

    Another is the fact that tigers take down far bigger prey than lions do by themselves, why are elephants far more afraid of tigers than lions?

    And actually chinese emperors and rulers are compared to dragons and tigers, not lions.

    Re those barbaric Romans and their coliseums, they used barbary lions to fight tigers there, remember the barbary lion is bigger than the african lion, it’s similar to a bengal tiger in size. In fact was thanks to those games they became extinct in the wild.

    1 final thing to think about, aside from the fact most naturalists favour the tiger in a fight over lion… Even when pitted against elephants in those cruel bloodsports in the past tigers usually were beating them before it was broken up.

    Recap, stronger bite = tiger
    speed = similar but lion should have the edge for stamina as they chase prey more, tigers are stalkers.
    agility= Lionesses do some incredible tackles but tigers are quite adept at climbing, lions are not. Tigers also jump higher than any animal and further except against the cougar.
    Strength = From the larger prey they take down and drag, suggests tiger.
    Cunning = Tiger

    However as lions are more social in the wild they have a big advantage of their pride. Two tigers were sent to South Africa for wilding and heard they did well there, if the tigers were inferior to lions they’d not have would they?

    1. Lol… those are hardly “facts.” Aggression alone doesn’t determine superiority, especially when you consider and remember that whenever a wild animal acts aggressive, it’s usually because it considers the human or other animal a THREAT. So its aggression is really just a mask for its FEAR.

      The LION is the apex predator in its own environment and besides other male lions (which it constantly fights and challenges openly), it has no other animal to fear. That’s why the lion isn’t seen as “aggressive” as the tiger, but threaten the lion’s family or territory and you’ll quickly see that male lions can indeed be fierce and aggressive when they need to be.

      And actually the Roman arena thing that tiger fans like to use prove the OPPOSITE. Martial said it was RARE for the tiger to beat the lion so the few times it happened, was why it was such a shock to the crowd. In most fights, the lion won and there are even mosaics from that time period that show the lion winning.

      Most of the lions back then and today are going extinct not because of tigers, but because of a) human development and b) OTHER MALE LIONS. Since male lions fight and challenge each other constantly, they often end up dying of sustained wounds and gave the shortest lifespans and most brutal lifestyle of the other Big Cats in the wild.

      Male tigers on the other hand, although they live and hunt alone, they almost never see or fight other male tigers except rarely. And then when they do attack or hunt prey, it’s almost always by ambush and stealth.

      Here’s a question of my own: if the tiger was so superior, why are there various historical and modern accounts of male lions (even lionesses) WINNING some if not most of the battles? If the tiger was truly so much bigger, stronger, aggressive, and killer than the lion, then surely there shouldn’t be hardly any accounts of lions winning at all. And yet there are. Quite a few in fact. Too many to just be luck or circumstance. So the very fact that male lions are even able to defeat and even kill the usually bigger tiger is more of a testament to the lion’s strength and bravery than the tiger’s.

  14. Only a retard states partial evidence like what lion fan girls do and martial said the tiger was superior and the one time he actually saw a fight it was a damn female tiger that made short work of the male lion within seconds so ignore the retarded liar up above he a liar as for the evidence there’s actually not too much but what’s reported is tiger wins 9/10 times when’s it’s Bengal vs African while the more docile cousin the Siberian tends to shy away from confrontation and readily submits in order to ignore conflict as for who’s the better fighter it’s the one that tends to fight more like a cat rather then a dog and a tigers dexterity agility and it’s weaponry give it the edge when it comes to any fight and it’s better equipped be it from it’s back or it’s hind legs back to using brute strength a tiger can do everything and I mean everything a lion can do but a lot better so why do all you retarded lion fan girls argue when nothing favors a lion and I mean nothing so all you fan girls quit dreaming because these are two cats with the bigger one reigning supreme

  15. Well, it feels ridiculous why some people think a tiger can kill any lion just because it is a few pounds heavier than lion or a bit steonger than lion. While these parameters certainly count a favor to tigers but believe me, not significantly. Lions are extremely skillful fighters of all big cats. They just don’t back off the fight and would carry it till the final moment. And this is required because unlike most big cats, lions have to take after a large pride and cubs. They frequently have clashes with other lions for their territory and taking on the pride. While Tigers on the other hand are solitary and they don’t have much territorial threats as lions do, even if they do have threats from intruder tiger, there is a little chance of brutal fight unlike lions. Tigers spend most of their energy hunting down prey. Now many people have different opinions, some tiger biased people, like the author of this article, go long length to defend tiger against lion. I know most people want tigers to be superior like me, because they are beautiful and few left in the wild. Some might even pray to God to make tigers even grow further in size and lions to shrink so that there claims of tigers superiority over lions might ultimately be justified. Hahaha… After all, a smaller animal can’t pose that much threat than a bigger. But… Right now it seems nature is independent of people wishes, as history has proven lion is far superior to tiger in a fair fight. Some devoted tigers and lions Zoologists like Hover and Dancy who spent decades in raising these majestic cats together independently conclude that tigers are vulnerable to lions when kept together and extra caution needed to be exercised keeping them together. They didn’t say it without reasons, as they lost over three dozens of tigers to lions or even more during 1945 to 1960, just within 15 years. Tiger is relatively rare and thus cost as much as three lions. Therfore, expnese of tigers death during fights with lions outweighs the curiosity of people to know who is superior. Here is a chronological timeline of many tigers to lions fights during pre-planned or accidental clashes.
    {2011} Two sub-adult lions kill a fully grown Bengal tiger…

    {2010} Lion kills tigress in a fair fight at a zoo…

    {2009} Two lions kill a white tiger…

    {2008} Zoologist witnesses three male tigers killed by lions on two different occasions, working in the field,

    {2008} Lion kills adult male tiger in zoo,

    {2004} Male lion kills Siberian tiger, another lion defeated two large tigers at once…

    {1999} Two lion cubs kill an adult male white tiger…

    {1986} Marco Peters had many tigers killed by lions in his circus act…

    {1985} Lions kill tigers in Alan Gold’s act…

    {1984} A lioness kills a male tiger in zoo enclosure…

    {1980} Dave hoover has more tigers killed by lions than vice versa……svstigers2.jpg

    {1976} Multiple tigers dying in Hoover’s act……daveHoover.jpg

    {1974} Trainer Dave Hoover mentions lions killing tigers…

    {1973} Two lion cubs kill and eat a young tiger…,7019407&hl=en

    {1972} Male bengal tiger Rajah killed by a lion and a lioness…

    {1967} Multiple tigers died in Hoover’s act……55257.56442.0.56711.…0…1ac.1.34.heirloom-serp..1.0.0.UgjOVA-H5i4

    {1966} Dave Hoover explains that the lion is the aggressor, and will often kill the tiger…
    Reading Eagle May 18, 1966, (Browse this)

    {1965} An old lion had to be shot as it was about to kill a 6 year old Siberian tiger in his prime…

    {1962} Lion kills two tigers in the making of the big cage movie…

    [1960} Lions repeatedly kill Siberians tigers in Korea… mentions the lion usually won

    Male tiger killed by a lion in a Korean pit…
    Lions were usually victorious over tigers

    In two Korean pit fights the tiger lost to the lion…

    {1957} Caesar the II, Clyde Beatty’s lion, was a tiger-killer…

    {1956} Indian ruler witnesses a lion beat a tiger on four separate occasions……7/July/3-8.pdf

    {1955} Clyde Beatty’s killer lion named France has killed two tigers and fought with many other cats…

    {1954} Tiger is killed as Beatty is trying to separate two ferocious lions and tigers…

    {1954} Lion kills two tigers in Gil Gray’s circus…

    {1952} Asiatic Lion kills tiger in the Himalayan mountains…

    {1951} Beatty states that he’s had over FIFTY tigers killed by lions…

    {1951} Lioness kills male Siberian tiger……g?t=1312670134…-for-fun-.html

    {1951} Lion kills tiger in savage battle…

    {1951} Beatty’s lion kills prized tiger…

    {1951} Lion kills tiger in Indian zoo Jamnagar…,4386439&dq=zoo+tiger+succumbs+fight+with+lion&hl=en

    {1949} 500 lb lion kills Roger a 750 lb tiger, in Spanish trainer Prince Ki-Gor’s act… … ge%2Btiger

    {1946} Three Asiatic lions defeat three Bengal tigers…

    {1944} Caesar the lion kills three tigers…

    {1940} Lion kills tiger in circus…

    {1935} Lion kills tiger over night at Bostock’s, and eats every particle of his body except skull……189239.197911.0.200926.…0…1ac.1.34.heirloom-serp..33.2.648.wr7wnlduOIs

    And the list goes on and on, I ignored more than half incidents to save time.

  16. The tiger is stronger, because it is bigger and heavier than a lion. Of course, it would be reasonable to ask which of the cats would win in the fight if both were the same size. The available materials show that in such a fight the tiger would have a better chance, although the duel would be leveled in the initial phase. All objective data indicate the predominance of tigers (Bengal and Siberian) in the fight against lions.

  17. Not a well known fact, but there are actually lions in India (now only about c:a 200 of them?). They are a bit smaller then the African lion but they exist in India…

    Anyway who would win a fight… one on one probably the tiger. 5 against 5 the lions no problems.

  18. Ive seen lion tiger fight many times on you tube. Lion rarely backs down. So how could a tiger win. Ive noticed many times also that if a lion is provoked, lions fight to the end. He cant control his anger let alone by a tiger. That’s the reason why a tiger backs down, he’s simply intimidated by a lion’s wrath.

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