• Ocicat – cat similar to ocelot

    Ocicat – cat breed This artificially bred breed was not in the plans of its creator. The unusually colored cat…

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  • Devon Rex – cat like an elf

    Devon Rex cat Elf among cats It is sometimes called an elf among cats because of its large, pointed ears,…

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  • Korat – intriguing cat

    The Korat cat The Japanese have their Maneki-Neko, the Thais have Si-Sawat (color of money). The first name is the…

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  • Cornish Rex

    Cornish Rex cat A retrieving cat with the appearance of a Siamese cat? Sounds intriguing, but it carries a lot…

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  • Himalayan cat

    Himalayan Persian, Colourpoint Persian No less popular than Persian cat and as dignified as it. No wonder – the Himalayan…

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