• Manx cat – cat without a tail

    Manx cat The cat whose tail Noah got caught on the Ark The unusual feature of the Manx – the…

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  • Siberian cat

    Siberian Forest Cat Under a thick, beautiful coat lurks a well-balanced and loving cat who values human company. The Siberian…

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  • Birman cat

    Sacred Cat of Burma, Sacred Birman Unlike its Siamese and Burmese relatives, Birman cat is an extremely calm and devoted…

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  • British Shorthair cat

    British Shorthair If you have seen an ad for Whiskas cat food, you already know, what the British Shorthair cat…

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  • Burmese cat

    Burmese cat The Burmese cat from distant Asia is one of the most popular breeds today. In addition to its…

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