The world of animals

  • Photo of Tambora volcano eruption

    Tambora volcano eruption

    The eruption of the Tambora volcano in 1815 The largest eruption in recorded human history The eruption of the Tambora…

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  • Photo of Australian Cattle Dog (ACD)

    Australian Cattle Dog (ACD)

    Dog breeds – Australian Cattle Dog (ACD) A crossbreed between domestic dog and dingo A real soldier among dogs, who…

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  • Photo of Kilimanjaro National Park

    Kilimanjaro National Park

    Kilimanjaro – the roof of Africa It is 300 kilometers (190 miles) from the equator, around 500 km northwest of…

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  • Photo of Doberman Pinscher – an elegant dog

    Doberman Pinscher – an elegant dog

    Dog breeds – Dobermann A dog of noble appearance and dignified behavior, being at the same time an effective “bodyguard”…

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  • Photo of Poodle – very clever dog

    Poodle – very clever dog

    Standard Poodle (large poodle) Poodle – one of the smartest dog breeds Many people adhere to the stereotype that poodles…

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