• Cat intelligence

    Smart cat? Intelligence, contrary to appearances, is a rather relative concept. Stanley Coren’s ranking of the most intelligent dogs suggested…

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  • Animals’ emotions and feelings

    Animals’ emotions and feelings Do animals have emotions and feelings? In the article below we do not try to prove…

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  • Chausie – intelligent and active cat

    The Chausie cat The Chausie, as an official breed, was created in the 1990s, but similar hybrids could have been…

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  • Peterbald cat – the Petersburg Sphynx

    Peterbald cat – the Petersburg Sphynx The Peterbald is a cat breed that has been created relatively recently in Russia.…

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  • Tabby cat

    Tabby cat facts Tabby cats Until now, we have described many breeds of the domestic cat for you – both…

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