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The largest dinosaurs – TOP 10

The longest and heaviest dinosaurs – TOP 10

Dimensions and weight of the largest dinosaurs

Until the 19th century, no one even suspected that dinosaurs used to live on Earth. Their remains were first found between 1815 and 1824 by William Buckland, a professor of geology at Oxford. The animal, to which the remains belonged, was called Megalosaurus, in other words “big lizard”. Since then, more than 800 of the fossil species of dinosaurs have been found – see the Complete dinosaurs database. Today it is already known for certain that some lizards were ferocious predators, and some were quite harmless herbivorous.

Over the years we have prepared many lists of dinosaur sizes. Our readers could get to know both the largest herbivorous dinosaurs and the largest predatory dinosaurs. Time, however, is inexorably flowing and new discoveries verify earlier findings. Today, therefore, we are presenting an up-to-date list of the longest and heaviest dinosaurs according to the state of knowledge from the beginning of 2018.

Was Amphicoelias the largest dinosaur?

In our comparison, we omitted Amphicoelias. Its sizes are given differently, usually in the range of 40-60 m in length at a mass of 122 t, but this species is known for a single incomplete bone, which in addition has been lost. For this reason, the only source of information about this dinosaur are the drawings of this bone and notes about it.

Was Bruhathkayosaurus the heaviest dinosaur?

Bruhathkayosaurus matleyi – sizes of the Bruhatkayosaurus are estimated on the basis of a tibia bone with a length of 200 cm and a 75 cm femur shaft condyle extracted from the Kallamed Formation in India (in the state of Tamil Nadu). Some paleontologists believe that its alleged fossils are simply pieces of wood. For this reason, it is now considered a nomen dubium.

Sauropods – the largest dinosaurs

The largest dinosaurs

The longest dinosaurs TOP 10

1Amphicoelias fragillimus45 m60-70 tons
2Barosaurus lentus38-48 m43-66 tons
3Bruhathkayosaurus matleyi35-36 m75 tons
4Argentinosaurus huinculensis35 m65 tons
5Supersaurus vivianae32-35 m30-40 tons
6Puertasaurus reuili32 m70 tons
7Sauroposeidon proteles32 m45-50 tons
8Patagotitan mayorum31 m55 tons
9Xinjiangtitan shanshanesis30-32 m40 tons
10Alamosaurus sanjuanensis30-31 m60-65 tons
11Ruyangosaurus giganteus30 m50 tons
12Apatosaurus ajax30 m50 tons
13Hudiesaurus sinojapanorum30 m30-35 tons
14Diplodocus hallorum29-32 m20-25 tons
15“Brachiosaurus” nougaredi29-31 m55-60 tons
16Yunmenglong ruyangensis27-29 m45 tons
17Diplodocus longus27-28 m12-16 tons
18Notocolossus gonzalezparejasi27 m50 tons
19“Mamenchisaurus” sinocanadorum26-35 m20-45 tons
20Brachiosaurus sp.26,5 m55 tons
21Paralititan stromeri26 m45 tons
22Giraffatitan brancai26 m43 tons
23“Sauropodus”26 m40 tons
24Daxiatitan binglingi25-27 m35 tons
25“Probarodiplodocus”25-27 m10-15 tons
26“Amphicoelias brontodiplodocus”25-27 m10-14 tons
27Diplodocus carnegii25-27 m10-14 tons
28Fusuisaurus zhaoi25-26 m45 tons
29“Nuoersaurus qaganensis”25-26 m35-40 tons
30“Antarctosaurus” giganteus25 m45 tons
31“Huanghetitan” ruyangensis25 m45 tons
32Argyrosaurus superbus cf.25 m40 tons
33Tornieria africana25 m10-11 tons
34“Bananabendersaurus”24-26 m35-40 tons
35Futalognkosaurus dukei24 m40 tons
36Dreadnoughtus schrani23-24 m35 tons
37Turiasaurus riodevensis22-25 m30-40 tons
38Traukutitan eocaudata22-24 m32-35 tons
39“Mamenchisaurus” jingyanensis20-26 m12-20 tons



The largest dinosaurs

The heaviest dinosaurs TOP 10

1Bruhathkayosaurus matleyi35-36 m75 tons
2Puertasaurus reuili32 m70 tons
3Argentinosaurus huinculensis35 m65 tons
4Amphicoelias fragillimus45 m60-70 tons
5Alamosaurus sanjuanensis30-31 m60-65 tons
6Barosaurus lentus38-48 m43-66 tons
7“Brachiosaurus” nougaredi29-31 m55-60 tons
8Patagotitan mayorum31 m55 tons
9Brachiosaurus sp.26,5 m55 tons
10Ruyangosaurus giganteus30 m50 tons
11Apatosaurus ajax30 m50 tons
12Notocolossus gonzalezparejasi27 m50 tons
13Sauroposeidon proteles32 m45-50 tons
14Yunmenglong ruyangensis27-29 m45 tons
15Paralititan stromeri26 m45 tons
16Fusuisaurus zhaoi25-26 m45 tons
17“Antarctosaurus” giganteus25 m45 tons
18“Huanghetitan” ruyangensis25 m45 tons
19Giraffatitan brancai26 m43 tons
20Xinjiangtitan shanshanesis30-32 m40 tons
21“Sauropodus”26 m40 tons
22Argyrosaurus superbus cf.25 m40 tons
23Futalognkosaurus dukei24 m40 tons
24“Nuoersaurus qaganensis”25-26 m35-40 tons
25“Bananabendersaurus”24-26 m35-40 tons
26Daxiatitan binglingi25-27 m35 tons
27Dreadnoughtus schrani23-24 m35 tons
28Traukutitan eocaudata22-24 m32-35 tons
29Supersaurus vivianae32-35 m30-40 tons
30Turiasaurus riodevensis22-25 m30-40 tons
31Hudiesaurus sinojapanorum30 m30-35 tons
32“Mamenchisaurus” sinocanadorum26-35 m20-45 tons
33Diplodocus hallorum29-32 m20-25 tons
34“Mamenchisaurus” jingyanensis20-26 m12-20 tons
35Diplodocus longus27-28 m12-16 tons
36“Probarodiplodocus”25-27 m10-15 tons
37“Amphicoelias brontodiplodocus”25-27 m10-14 tons
38Diplodocus carnegii25-27 m10-14 tons
39Tornieria africana25 m10-11 tons


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