History of animals and plants extinction

History of extinction of animal and plant species

Timeline of animal and plant extinction

The history of the Earth is inseparably connected with the extinction of animal and plant species. We had no influence on many of them as human beings, because just like dinosaurs, they were extinct before humans appeared on the Blue Planet. However, many animal species have disappeared from the Earth’s surface as a result of human activity.

Today we present you the most complete list of extinct species over the centuries. We have included this summary in the form of a calendar, a timeline. The resulting list will show how many species have gone extinct over the centuries.

A journey through 120 centuries of history

Today, we take you on a journey for 12,000 years to trace the extinction of species. We go back to the 10th millennium BC to reach 2018 AD.

The history of the extinction of animal and plant species over the centuries.

History of the extinction of animal and plant species from 10,000 BC to 2018 AD

10th millennium BCE

  • 9950 BCE – Cuvieronius humboldti survived in Chile until about this time.
  • 9940 BCE – Fratercula dowi survived in the Channel Islands until about this time.
  • 9680 BCE – Euceratherium collinum survived in Utah until about this time.
  • 9650 BCE – Arctotherium tarijense survived in Uruguay until about this time.
  • 9530 BCE – The short-faced bear Arctodus simus survived in Ohio until about this time.
  • 9400 BCE – The Corsican and Sardinian canid Cynotherium sardous survived until about this time.
  • 9390 BCE – Eremotherium laurillardi survived in Brazil until about this time.
  • 9380 BCE – Stockoceros survived in New Mexico until about this time. Equus conversidens survived in Alberta until about this time.
  • 9220 BCE – The pronghorn Capromeryx survived in New Mexico until about this time. Equus scotti survived until about this time.
  • 9180 BCE – Bison antiquus survived in Alberta until about this time.
  • 9150 BCE – The woodland musk ox Symbos survived in Michigan until about this time.
  • 9135 BCE – Panthera onca mesembrina survived until about this time.
  • 9110 BCE – The flat-headed peccary Platygonus compressus survived in Ohio until about this time.
  • 9090 BCE – Scelidotherium and Stegomastodon survived in Brazil until about this time.
  • 9080 BCE – The pygmy mammoth survived on Santa Rosa Island, California until about this time.
  • 9030 BCE – Bootherium bombifrons survived in Alberta until about this time.
Muskox (Ovibos moschatus)

9th millennium BCE

  • 8920 BCE – Oreamnos harringtoni survived in Arizona until about this time.
  • 8735 BCE – Hippidion saldiasi survived in Chile until about this time.
  • 8445 BCE – The mastodont Mammut survived in Michigan until about this time.
  • 8420 BCE – Martes nobilis and Panthera leo atrox survived until about this time.
  • 8280 BCE – The giant beaver Castoroides and the stag-moose Cervalces survived in Ohio until about this time.
  • 8240 BCE – Equus neogeusGlyptodon, and Toxodon survived in Argentina until about this time.

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