LaPerm – cat with permanent

LaPerm – a cat with curls

If you have ever seen a woman with a so-called “perm”, you can easily imagine the fur of the cat described in this article. LaPerm is a breed characterized by a curly coat that resembles woman’s curly hairstyle. The curly fur, a fluffy tail and friendly temper together create a mix full of charm and gentleness.


FIFe recognized the LaPerm provisionally in 2013.


History and origins of the breed

The LaPerm is a relatively recent breed, as it occurred in the 1980s because of a spontaneous genetic mutation, when specific cats started to occur among cats bred for pest eradication.

The breed was created by Linda and Richard Koehl from Oregon whose cat named Speedy gave birth to a cat with curly fur. Therefore, the kitten was named Curly and became a progenitor of the LaPerm.




The head of the LaPerm resembles a wedge with rounded edges. On the top of the head, there are medium or large, widely set ears. The eyes are relatively big, almond-shaped.

The whole body is rather large, with relatively long limbs. The LaPerm is characterized mostly by its curly hair that may be long or short within the breed.

Feline federations accept every coloration of the fur, therefore, these cats are diversified in terms of their coloration. The curls (sometimes waves) covering the LaPerm’s body may be loose, but also tight and bouncy. However, regardless of the appearance of the curls, the cat seems to be tousled and shaggy. The neck is covered by a ruff, and the areas around the ears are also very hairy. The fur is not silky smooth to the touch – it is more like soft mohair.



The full of energy LaPerm is eager to play and frolic. These cats may find opening doors or poking its owners with a paw entertaining. They like being around their humans, therefore, they will willingly sit on the desk or lie on the owner’s arm. They also love sitting on the owner’s lap. Despite the need of closeness, they are not obtrusive. It is one of the reasons, why these cats are considered as moderately active cats.

The LaPerm rarely makes any sounds, but it is tender, gentle, and patient towards people it loves.

You could think that due to its origins from working cats, hunting rodents, the above characteristic does not fit the LaPerm. However, it inherited cleverness and resourcefulness. Thus, it needs a daily dose of fun, and space to move around. It will feel good in small rooms, but it may have a tendency to jump on furniture, which, in turn, may end up with throwing off items of the furniture.


Detailed information / size


  • Weight: 2 – 5 kg (4.4 – 11 lb)
  • Lifespan: 10-15 years

LaPerm – interesting facts

  • The name of the breed comes from the word “perm”. As you can easily guess, the word refers to the curls on the cat’s body that resemble the woman’s “perm” hairstyle.
  • The LaPerm also has curly whiskers.


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