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The heaviest Pachycephalosaurs (Pachycephalosauria) Top 10

The heaviest Pachycephalosaurs Top 10

Weight, dimensions, size of Pachycephalosaurs (Pachycephalosauria)

The most striking feature in the construction of the skull was the thickened skull. The characteristic skull of pachycephalosaurs is a result of the fusion and thickening of the frontals and parietals, accompanied by the closing of the supratemporal fenestra. There were two basic patterns: In the flat-headed representatives, these bones were separated by sutures (skull sutures) and the top of the skull was thickened but not bulged. In the other pachycephalosaurs, these two bones had grown together and were domed.

So far there are only a few genera finds of the trunk skeleton or limbs, many areas in the physique of the pachycephalosauria – such as the number and the construction of the cervical vertebrae  are not known.

Finds that can be clearly assigned to the Pachycephalosaurs are only from East Asia and North America , doubtful finds also from Europe , so that, according to current knowledge, these dinosaurs were limited to the continents of the northern hemisphere.

Many species are only known from skull fragments, and a complete pachycephalosaur skeleton is yet to be found.

Today we present the world’s largest list of Pachycephalosaurs (Pachycephalosauria) ranked by weight. Soon we will present a list of the longest Pachycephalosaurs (Pachycephalosauria).

The heaviest Pachycephalosaurs (Pachycephalosauria) Top 10


NoDinosaurWeight [kg]Weight [lb]
1Pachycephalosaurus wyomingensis500 kg1 102 lb
2Stygimoloch spinifer330 kg728 lb
3Dracorex hogwartsia165 kg364 lb
4Gravitholus albertae65 kg143 lb
5Acrotholus audeti60 kg132 lb
6Hanssuesia sternbergi50 kg110 lb
7Prenocephale prenes50 kg110 lb
8Homalocephale calathocercos48 kg106 lb
9Stegoceras validum47 kg104 lb
10Texacephale langstoni40 kg88 lb
11Prenocephale goodwini37 kg82 lb
12Colepiocephale lambei32 kg71 lb
13Goyocephale lattimorei28 kg62 lb
14Alaskacephale gangloffi25 kg55 lb
15Sphaerotholus buchholtzae25 kg55 lb
16Prenocephale edmontonensis25 kg55 lb
17Tylocephale gilmorei20 kg44 lb
18Foraminacephale brevis16 kg35 lb
19Stegoceras novomexicanum10 kg22 lb
20Amtocephale gobiensis1.50 kg3.31 lb



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