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The largest and heaviest birds ever existed

The biggest and heaviest birds that have ever existed

Today, probably every child will say without hesitation that the heaviest bird in the world is the African ostrich, and… he/she will be right. The ostrich is currently the heaviest and largest bird, although unfortunately it cannot fly. It belongs to the flightless species. In the history of the Earth, however, the ostrich was neither the tallest nor the heaviest bird, although in terms of height it was close to its tallest ancestors. A lot of questions from our readers contributed to the creation of this list, because although we already have the largest birds in the world, today we will go back to history and compare it with modern species.

The maximum weight of a bird is 500 kg (1,100 lb)?

Looking at the list below, it is clear that nature has limited the maximum weight of flightless birds to 500 kg. None of the so far discovered species has exceeded this weight, although its relatives (dinosaurs moving on two legs) easily reached the weight exceeding even 10 tons

An update

2018 brought the verification of this thesis. Paleontologists have determined that the Vorombe titan belonging to the elephant birds could weigh up to 730 kg (1,168 lb)!

The largest and heaviest birds that have ever existed


The largest and heaviest birds that have ever existed TOP 10

1†Vorombe titan530 kg730 kg300 cm
1168 lb1609 lb9.8 ft
2Stirton’s thunderbird (†Dromornis stirtoni)450 kg500 kg300 cm
992 lb1102 lb9.8 ft
3†Aepyornis maximus380-400 kg400-455 kg300 cm
832-882 lb882-1003 lb9.8 ft
4Giant ostrich (†Pachystruthio dmanisensis)400 kg450 kg350 cm
882 lb992 lb11.5 ft
5†Brontornis350 kg400 kg280-300 cm
772 lb882 lb9.2-9.8 ft
6Giant moa (Dinornis)236 kgup to 360 cm
520 lbup to 11.8 ft
7†Kelenken (†Kelenken guillermoi)136 kg182 kg210-300 cm
300 lb6.9-9.8 ft
8Gastornis (†Diatryma)170 kg175-214 cm
375 lb5.7-7 ft
9Terror bird (†Phorusrhacos)130 kgup to 250 cm
287 lbup to 8.2 ft
10Common ostrich (Struthio camelus)104 kg157 kg210 cm
346 lb6.9 ft
11†Titanis walleri150 kgup to 250 cm
331 lbup to 8.2
12Giant Teratorn (†Argentavis magnificens)60-80 kg110 kg180-280 cm
132-176 lb243 lb5.9-9.2 ft
13New Zealand giant penguin (†Pachydyptes)100 kg140-160 cm
220 lb4.6-5.2 ft
14Penguin (†Anthropornis nordenskjoeldi)90 kg180 cm
198 lb5.9 ft
15Southern cassowary (Casuarius casuarius)45 kg85 kg155 cm
99 lb187 lb5.1 ft
16Northern cassowary (Casuarius unappendiculatus)44 kg75 kg149 cm
97 lb165 lb4.9 ft
17Emu (Dromaius novaehollandiae)33 kg70 kg153 cm
73 lb154 lb5.0 ft
18Emperor penguin (Aptenodytes forsteri)32 kg46 kg114 cm
69 lb101 lb3.7 ft
19Greater rhea (Rhea americana)23 kg40 kg134 cm
51 lb88 lb4.4 ft
20†Pelagornis sandersi (flying – wingspan 6,1 – 7,4 m)22 kg40 kg180 cm
49 lb88 lb5.9 ft
21Dwarf cassowary (Casuarius bennetti)20 kg34 kg105 cm
43 lb75 lb3.4 ft
22†Sylviornis30 kg170 cm
66 lb5.6 ft
23Lesser rhea (Rhea pennata)20 kg29 kg96 cm
43 lb64 lb3.1 ft
24Dodo (†Raphus cucullatus)10-23 kg28 kg100 cm
22 – 51 lb62 lb3.3 ft
25King penguin (Aptenodytes patagonicus)14 kg20 kg92 cm
30 lb44 lb3.0 ft
26Dalmatian pelican (Pelecanus crispus)12 kg15 kg170 cm
25 lb33 lb5.6 ft



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