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The heaviest Stegosaurians (Stegosauria) Top 10

Weight, dimensions, size of Stegosaurians (Stegosauria)

One of the greatest features of the Stegosauria was the bone plates (osteoderms) arranged in a double row along the back and tail. These differ considerably in their form and serve as an important distinguishing feature of the individual genera. With some representatives (such as Stegosaurus and Lexovisaurus ) they were large, very thin and leaf-shaped; in others (like Tuojiangosaurus) more conical and sometimes (like Kentrosaurus) pointed and thorny. The bone plates were not directly connected to the skeleton, but stuck in the skin, so that their exact arrangement is unclear. Initially it was assumed that they lay flat on the back of the animals like a tank; however, recent finds suggest that they were erected. Whether they were arranged in parallel or mutually offset is just as controversial as their function.

The brain skull of the stegosaurs was small and, accordingly, these animals have a common reputation for having minimal mental faculties. In fact, the estimated brain mass was only 0.001% of body weight, but ankylosaurs and sauropods had relatively smaller brains than stegosaurs.

Today we present the world’s largest list of Stegosaurians (Stegosauria) ranked by weight. Soon we will present a list of the longest Stegosaurians (Stegosauria).

The heaviest Stegosaurians (Stegosauria) Top 10


NoDinosaurWeight [kg]Weight [lb]
1Stegosaurus ungulatus6 000 kg13 228 lb
2Stegosaurus armatus3 800 kg8 378 lb
3Stegosaurus stenops3 800 kg8 378 lb
4Dacentrurus armatus3 600 kg7 937 lb
5Diracodon laticeps3 400 kg7 496 lb
6Miragaia longicollum3 000 kg6 614 lb
7Paranthodon africanus3 000 kg6 614 lb
8Hypsirophus discurus2 800 kg6 173 lb
9Hesperosaurus mjosi2 600 kg5 732 lb
10Stegosaurus sulcatus2 600 kg5 732 lb
11Wuerhosaurus homheni2 200 kg4 850 lb
12Tuojiangosaurus multispinus2 100 kg4 630 lb
13“Ferganastegos callovicus”2 100 kg4 630 lb
14Adratiklit boulahfa1 900 kg4 189 lb
15Lexovisaurus durobrivensis1 900 kg4 189 lb
16Alcovasaurus longispinus1 500 kg3 307 lb
17Loricatosaurus priscus1 400 kg3 086 lb
18Monkonosaurus lawulacus1 400 kg3 086 lb
19“Chungkingosaurus giganticus”1 300 kg2 866 lb
20Chialingosaurus kuani1 200 kg2 646 lb
21Kentrosaurus aethiopicus1 200 kg2 646 lb
22Jiangjunosaurus junggarensis1 000 kg2 205 lb
23Isaberrysaura mollensis1 000 kg2 205 lb
24Huayangosaurus taibaii1 000 kg2 205 lb
25Wuerhosaurus ordosensis1 000 kg2 205 lb
26Dacentrurus lennieri950 kg2 094 lb
27“Chungkingosaurus magnus”900 kg1 984 lb
28“Saldamosaurus tuvensis”800 kg1 764 lb
29Gigantspinosaurus sichuanensis700 kg1 543 lb
30Yingshanosaurus jichuanensis700 kg1 543 lb
31“Eoplophysis vetustus”650 kg1 433 lb
32Mongolostegus exspectabilis650 kg1 433 lb
33Dacentrurus phillipsii500 kg1 102 lb
34Regnosaurus northamptoni400 kg882 lb
35Chungkingosaurus jiangbeiensis400 kg882 lb
36“Astrodon” pusillus350 kg772 lb
37“Changtusaurus laminaplacodus”350 kg772 lb
38“Amargastegos brevicollus”230 kg507 lb
39Dravidosaurus blanfordi200 kg441 lb
40“Siamodracon altispinus”75 kg165 lb



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