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The heaviest and biggest Ceratopsians TOP 10

Ceratopsians weight – TOP 10

Ceratopsia / Ceratopia

Ceratopsians are a diverse group of plant-eating dinosaurs. They lived mainly in the Cretaceous period and were characterized by a neck shield and often also horns. Fossil finds come almost exclusively from East Asia and North America. The best-known representatives include the Psittacosauridae, the Protoceratopsidae and the Ceratopsidae, which include Triceratops and other horned dinosaurs.

The Ceratopsia developed a large variety of forms and differed considerably in their body structure. The smallest representatives were only 1 to 2 meters long, while the largest ones, such as triceratops, were up to 8 meters long and weighed several tons. The forelegs were always shorter than the hind legs, primitive representatives often moved biped (on two legs), while others like the Ceratopsidae were quadruped.

We have presented the world’s largest statement presenting the largest (longest) cearatopsians long ago. We updated it in 2020. Today we present a list of the heaviest ceratops. This is a very extensive list, because it contains the 50 largest ceratops.

The heaviest and biggest Ceratopsians

Weight of Ceratopsians TOP 10


NoDinosaurWeight [kg]Weight [lb]
1Triceratops maximus10 700 kg23 589 lb
2Ugrosaurus olsoni8 800 kg19 401 lb
3Triceratops horridus8 300 kg18 298 lb
4Eotriceratops xerinsularis8 200 kg18 078 lb
5Triceratops prorsus8 100 kg17 857 lb
6Triceratops albertensis7 800 kg17 196 lb
7Torosaurus latus7 000 kg15 432 lb
8Sinoceratops zhuchengensis5 700 kg12 566 lb
9“Duranteceratops”5 500 kg12 125 lb
10Triceratops sulcatus5 000 kg11 023 lb
11Pachyrhinosaurus canadensis3 900 kg8 598 lb
12Titanoceratops ouranos3 800 kg8 378 lb
13Agathaumas sylvestris3 300 kg7 275 lb
14Bravoceratops polyphemus3 000 kg6 614 lb
15Ojoceratops fowleri3 000 kg6 614 lb
16Torosaurus utahensis3 000 kg6 614 lb
17Nedoceratops hatcheri2 900 kg6 393 lb
18Albertaceratops nesmoi2 800 kg6 173 lb
19Utahceratops gettyi2 800 kg6 173 lb
20Centrosaurus apertus2 800 kg6 173 lb
21Styracosaurus ovatus2 700 kg5 952 lb
22Achelousaurus horneri2 600 kg5 732 lb
23Triceratops flabellatus2 600 kg5 732 lb
24Triceratops eurycephalus2 400 kg5 291 lb
25Pentaceratops sternbergii2 300 kg5 071 lb
26Triceratops serratus2 300 kg5 071 lb
27Agujaceratops mariscalensis2 200 kg4 850 lb
28Pachyrhinosaurus lakustai2 200 kg4 850 lb
29Medusaceratops lokii2 200 kg4 850 lb
30Chasmosaurus belli2 100 kg4 630 lb
31Styracosaurus albertensis2 100 kg4 630 lb
32Chasmosaurus russelli2 000 kg4 409 lb
33“Monoclonius” recurvicornis2 000 kg4 409 lb
34Coronosaurus brinkmani2 000 kg4 409 lb
35“Monoclonius” lowei2 000 kg4 409 lb
36Pachyrhinosaurus perotorum2 000 kg4 409 lb
37Spinops sternbergorum1 800 kg3 968 lb
38Anchiceratops ornatus1 700 kg3 748 lb
39“Monoclonius” dawsoni1 600 kg3 527 lb
40Monoclonius crassus1 600 kg3 527 lb
41Monoclonius nasicornus1 600 kg3 527 lb
42“Monoclonius” sphenocerus1 600 kg3 527 lb
43Spiclypeus shipporum1 500 kg3 307 lb
44Mercuriceratops gemini1 500 kg3 307 lb
45Agujaceratops mavericus1 500 kg3 307 lb
46Wendiceratops pinhornensis1 500 kg3 307 lb
47Chasmosaurus brevirostris1 400 kg3 086 lb
48Regaliceratops peterhewsi1 400 kg3 086 lb
49Triceratops alticornis1 400 kg3 086 lb



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