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The heaviest ornithopods – Top 10

The heaviest ornithopods – Top 10

The early ornithopods were only about 1 meter (3 feet) long, but probably very fast. They had a stiff tail, like the theropods, to help them balance as they ran on their hind legs. Later ornithopods became more adapted to grazing on all fours; their spines curved, and came to resemble the spines of modern ground-feeders such as the bison.


As they became more adapted to eating while bent over, they became semi-quadrupedal; still running on two legs, and comfortable reaching up into trees; but spending most of their time walking or grazing while on all fours.

Later ornithopods became larger, but never rivalled the incredible size of the long-necked, long-tailed sauropods that they partially supplanted. The very largest, such as Shantungosaurus, were as heavy as medium sized sauropods at up to 23 metric tons (25 short tons) but never grew much beyond 15 metres (50 feet).


The heaviest ornithopods – Top 10

  1. Magnapaulia laticaudus: 12–23 t
  2. Shantungosaurus giganteus: 9.9–22.5 t
  3. Iguanodon seeleyi: 15 t
  4. Barsboldia: 12 t
  5. Saurolophus angustirostris: 6.6–9 t
  6. Iguanodon bernissartensis: 8.3–8.6 t
  7. Edmontosaurus annectens (Anatotitan): 3.2–7.6 t
  8. Brachylophosaurus canadensis: 4.5–7 t
  9. Saurolophus osborni: 6.6 t
  10. Lanzhousaurus magnidens: 6 t
  11. Parasaurolophus walkeri: 3–5.1 t
  12. Charonosaurus jiayinensis: 5 t
  13. Barsboldia sicinskii: 5 t



The heaviest ornithopods Top 10

update AD 2020


NoDinosaurWeight [t]Weight[kg]Weight [lb]
1Shantungosaurus giganteus16.5 t16 500 kg36 376 lb
2Edmontosaurus annectens14.5 t14 500 kg31 967 lb
3Barsboldia sicinskii13.3 t13 300 kg29 321 lb
4Hypsibema crassicauda11.0 t11 000 kg24 251 lb
5“Hadrosaurus” breviceps10.0 t10 000 kg22 046 lb
6“Trachodon” longiceps9.1 t9 100 kg20 062 lb
7Saurolophus angustirostris9.0 t9 000 kg19 842 lb
8Magnapaulia laticaudus9.0 t9 000 kg19 842 lb
9Iguanodon bernissartensis8.5 t8 500 kg18 739 lb
10Parrosaurus missouriensis7.5 t7 500 kg16 535 lb
11Charonosaurus jiayinensis6.8 t6 800 kg14 991 lb
12Edmontosaurus regalis6.6 t6 600 kg14 551 lb
13Amurosaurus riabinini6.2 t6 200 kg13 669 lb
14Lanzhousaurus magnidens6.0 t6 000 kg13 228 lb
15Ornithotarsus immanis5.6 t5 600 kg12 346 lb
16Hypacrosaurus stebingeri5.5 t5 500 kg12 125 lb
17Probrachylophosaurus bergei5.4 t5 400 kg11 905 lb
18Shuangmiaosaurus gilmorei5.4 t5 400 kg11 905 lb
19Hypacrosaurus altispinus5.3 t5 300 kg11 685 lb
20Parasaurolophus tubicen5.3 t5 300 kg11 685 lb
21Delapparentia turolensis5.1 t5 100 kg11 244 lb
22Iguanacolossus fortis5.0 t5 000 kg11 023 lb
23Yunganglong datongensis4.7 t4 700 kg10 362 lb
24Saurolophus osborni4.5 t4 500 kg9 921 lb
25Tsintaosaurus spinorhinus4.5 t4 500 kg9 921 lb
26Datonglong tianzhenensis4.5 t4 500 kg9 921 lb
27Barilium dawsoni4.3 t4 300 kg9 480 lb
28Brachylophosaurus canadensis4.2 t4 200 kg9 259 lb
29Kritosaurus navajovius4.2 t4 200 kg9 259 lb
30Gryposaurus alsatei4.2 t4 200 kg9 259 lb
31“Iguanodon” orientalis4.1 t4 100 kg9 039 lb
32Corythosaurus casuarius4.1 t4 100 kg9 039 lb
33Secernosaurus koerneri3.7 t3 700 kg8 157 lb
34Anasazisaurus horneri3.6 t3 600 kg7 937 lb
35Magnamanus soriaensis3.5 t3 500 kg7 716 lb
36Prosaurolophus maximus3.5 t3 500 kg7 716 lb
37Olorotitan arharensis3.5 t3 500 kg7 716 lb
38Lurdusaurus arenatus3.5 t3 500 kg7 716 lb
39Parasaurolophus cyrtocristatus3.4 t3 400 kg7 496 lb
40Plesiohadros djadokhtaensis3.4 t3 400 kg7 496 lb
41Bayannurosaurus perfectus3.2 t3 200 kg7 055 lb
42Mandschurosaurus amurensis3.2 t3 200 kg7 055 lb
43Parasaurolophus walkeri3.2 t3 200 kg7 055 lb
44Adelolophus hutchisoni3.1 t3 100 kg6 834 lb
45Gryposaurus notabilis3.1 t3 100 kg6 834 lb
46“Hadrosaurus” cavatus3.0 t3 000 kg6 614 lb
47Augustynolophus morrisi3.0 t3 000 kg6 614 lb
48Muttaburrasaurus langdoni3.0 t3 000 kg6 614 lb
49“Brachylophosaurus” goodwini3.0 t3 000 kg6 614 lb
50Corythosaurus intermedius3.0 t3 000 kg6 614 lb
51Gryposaurus latidens3.0 t3 000 kg6 614 lb
52Sirindhorna khoratensis3.0 t3 000 kg6 614 lb



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