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The longest Ankylosaurus Top 10. Dimensions of Ankylosaurus

Length, dimensions, size of ankylosaurus

The Ankylosauria – a group of four-legged, herbivorous dinosaurs, which were characterized by armor made of bone plates. They appeared in the Middle Jura , but peaked in the Cretaceous period where they became widespread worldwide. They have been found on every continent. Most Ankylosaurs reached lengths of four to six meters, the largest representatives like Ankylosaurus became up to 8 meters long, while the smallest representatives like Struthiosaurus and Minmi only reached three meters. All Ankylosaurs had a broad, stocky trunk with four short, strong limbs. They only moved on four legs. The hind legs were longer than the front legs, which brought the head to a position close to the ground.

Many representatives of the Ankylosauridae, but not the Nodosauridae, had a bony club at the tip of the tail. This consisted of osteoderms that were overgrown with the vertebrae and was supported and stiffened by ossified tendons.

Today we present the world’s largest list of ankylosaurs ranked by length. Soon we will present a list of the heaviest Ankylosaurus.

The longest Ankylosaurus Top 10


NoDinosaurLength [m]Length [ft]
1Ankylosaurus magniventris8.0 m26.2 ft
2Cedarpelta bilbeyhallorum7.5 m24.6 ft
3Zaraapelta nomadis6.3 m20.7 ft
4Platypelta coombsi6.1 m20.0 ft
5“Dyoplosaurus” giganteus6.0 m19.7 ft
6Gobisaurus domoculus6.0 m19.7 ft
7Scolosaurus cutleri6.0 m19.7 ft
8Zuul crurivastator6.0 m19.7 ft
9Anodontosaurus inceptus5.7 m18.7 ft
10Oohkotokia horneri5.7 m18.7 ft
11Scolosaurus thronus5.7 m18.7 ft
12Talarurus plicatospineus5.7 m18.7 ft
13Aletopelta coombsi5.6 m18.4 ft
14Euoplocephalus tutus5.6 m18.4 ft
15Zhejiangosaurus lishuiensis5.5 m18.0 ft
16Ziapelta sanjuanensis5.5 m18.0 ft
17Anodontosaurus lambei5.3 m17.4 ft
18Zhongyuansaurus luoyangensis5.0 m16.4 ft
19Pinacosaurus grangeri5.0 m16.2 ft
20Ahshislepelta minor4.8 m15.7 ft
21Saichania chulsanensis4.6 m15.1 ft
22Tarchia kielanae4.6 m15.1 ft
23Chuanqilong chaoyangensis4.5 m14.8 ft
24Nodocephalosaurus kirtlandensis4.5 m14.8 ft
25Shamosaurus scutatus4.5 m14.8 ft
26Dyoplosaurus acutosquameus4.3 m14.1 ft
27Jinyunpelta sinensis4.3 m14.1 ft
28Tarchia teresae4.3 m14.1 ft
29Minotaurasaurus ramachandrani4.2 m13.8 ft
30Crichtonpelta benxiensis4.1 m13.5 ft
31Tianzhenosaurus youngi4.0 m13.1 ft
32Shanxia tianzhenensis3.9 m12.8 ft
33Akainacephalus johnsoni3.8 m12.5 ft
34Tsagantegia longicranialis3.8 m12.3 ft
35Maleevus disparoserratus3.5 m11.5 ft
36Bissektipelta archibaldi3.1 m10.2 ft
37Pinacosaurus mephistocephalus3.0 m9.8 ft
38Minmi paravertebra2.7 m8.9 ft



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