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The longest predatory dinosaurs. Theropods Top 10

The longest Theropods Top 10

Theropods were a group of carnivorous dinosaurs that dominated the food chain during the Mesozoic Era. Known for their powerful hunting abilities and large size, these predators were a force to be reckoned with. Among the theropods, some species stood out for their incredible length, with some reaching lengths of over 14 meters. In this article, we will take a closer look at the top 10 longest theropods that ever lived. From the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex to the lesser-known Torvosaurus, we will delve into the anatomy, habitat, and behavior of these incredible creatures. So get ready to explore the world of the longest theropods and discover what made them such formidable predators.

Dinosaurs size / dimensions

Theropod dinosaurs (Theropoda) – predatory dinosaurs

Theropod dinosaurs (Theropoda) – suborder of dinosaurs in a row of Saurischia dinosaurs. Theropod means “foot of the beast”. Theropods first appeared during the Carnian age of the late Triassic period about 230 million years ago and included the sole large terrestrial carnivores from the Early Jurassic until at least the close of the Cretaceous, about 65 million years ago. In the Jurassic, birds evolved from small specialized coelurosaurian theropods, and are today represented by 9,900 living species.

For many years Tyrannosaurus was the largest and most popular theropod known to the general public. Since its discovery, however, a number of other giant carnivorous dinosaurs have been described, including Spinosaurus, Carcharodontosaurus and Giganotosaurus. Spinosaurus may be the largest of all known carnivorous dinosaurs, even larger than Tyrannosaurus and Giganotosaurus. Estimates published suggest that it has 12.6 to 18 meters (41 to 59 ft) length and 7 to 21 tonnes (7.7 to 23 short tons) weight.

The following dimensions of predatory dinosaurs were collected on the basis of available estimates. More recent studies can confirm these data or verify them.

Longest theropods
Longest theropods.


The longest Theropods TOP 10

  1. Spinosaurus aegyptiacus: 14.3–15.6 m (previous up to 18 m)
  2. Oxalaia quilombensis: 12–14 m
  3. Sigilmassasaurus brevicollis: 12-14 m
  4. Carcharodontosaurus saharicus: 12–13.3 m (rather 12 m)
  5. Carcharodontosaurus iguidensis: 10–13.3 m (rather 10 m)
  6. Giganotosaurus carolinii: 12.2–13.2 m
  7. Tyrannotitan chubutensis: 12.2-13 m
  8. Tyrannosaurus rex12-13 m
  9. Chilantaisaurus tashuikouensis: 11-13 m
  10. Saurophaganax maximus: 10,5-13 m
  11. Mapusaurus roseae: 11.5–12.6 m
  12. Acrocanthosaurus atokensis: 12 m
  13. Deinocheirus mirificus: 10-12 m
  14. Bahariasaurus ingens: 12 m
  15. Tarbosaurus10-12 m
  16. Kelmayisaurus: 10-12 m
  17. Zhuchengtyrannus: 10-12 m
  18. Siats meekerorum: 9-12 m
  19. Allosaurus fragilis: 8.5-12 m
  20. Aerosteon: 9-11.5 m
  21. Torvosaurus tanneri: 9-11 m
  22. Suchomimus: 11 m
  23. Abelisaurus: 7-11 m
  24. Yangchuanosaurus: 8-10.8 m
  25. Veterupristisaurus: 8.5 – 10.5 m
  26. Albertosaurus: 10 m
  27. Cristatusaurus lapparenti: 10 m
  28. Allosaurus tendagurensis: 10 m
  29. Allosaurus lucasi: 10 m
  30. Therizinosaurus: 8-10 m
  31. Baryonyx walkeri: 9.5 – 10 m
  32. Suchosaurus: 9.5 – 10 m
  33. Sinotyrannus: 9 – 10 m
  34. Neovenator: 7.5 – 10 m
  35. Yutyrannus: 9 m
  36. Bistahieversor: 9 m
  37. Poekilopleuron: 9 m
  38. Daspletosaurus: 8-9 m
  39. Gorgosaurus: 8-9 m
  40. Afrovenator abakensis: 8-9 m
  41. Carnotaurus: 8-9 m
  42. Dubreuillosaurus valesdunensis: 7.6-9 m
  43. Angaturama limai: 8.5 m
  44. Allosaurus lucaris: 8 m
  45. Allosaurus „whitei”: 8 m
  46. Allosaurus atrox: 8 m
  47. Metriacanthosaurus parkeri: 8 m
  48. Becklespinax: 8 m
  49. Deltadromeus: 8 m
  50. Irritator: 8 m
  51. Megaraptor: 8 m
  52. Sinraptor: 7.6 m
  53. Dryptosaurus aquilunguis: 7.5 m
  54. Duriavenator: 7 m
  55. Allosaurus jimmadseni: 7 m
  56. Allosaurus europaeus: 7 m
  57. Rugops: 6-7 m / 7-9 m
  58. Majungasaurus: 6-7 m / 8-9 m
The Longest theropods - comparison.
The longest theropods – comparison.


The world’s largest statement presenting the longest predatory dinosaurs. 100 largest theropods.

The longest Theropods – update AD 2021

RankNameStatusLength [m]Length [ft]
1Spinosaurus aegyptiacusvalid14.4 m47.2 ft
2Deltadromeus agilisvalid14.0 m45.9 ft
3Giganotosaurus caroliniivalid12.5 m41.0 ft
4Tyrannosaurus rexvalid12.5 m41.0 ft
5Bahariasaurus ingensvalid12.2 m40.0 ft
6Mapusaurus roseaevalid12.2 m40.0 ft
7“Megalosaurus” ingensnomen dubium12.2 m40.0 ft
8Carcharodontosaurus saharicusvalid12.0 m39.4 ft
9Cristatusaurus lapparentivalid12.0 m39.4 ft
10Deinocheirus mirificusvalid12.0 m39.4 ft
11Edmarka rexSynonym12.0 m39.4 ft
12Saurophaganax maximusvalid12.0 m39.4 ft
13Torvosaurus tannerivalid11.9 m39.0 ft
14Torvosaurus gurneyivalid11.7 m38.4 ft
15Tyrannotitan chubutensisvalid11.6 m38.1 ft
16Acrocanthosaurus atokensisvalid11.5 m37.7 ft
17Oxalaia quilombensisvalid11.4 m37.4 ft
18Suchomimus tenerensisvalid11.4 m37.4 ft
19Teinurosaurus sauvageinomen dubium11.4 m37.4 ft
20“Alamotyrannus brinkmani”nomen nudum11.0 m36.1 ft
21“Titanovenator kenyaensis”nomen nudum11.0 m36.1 ft
22“Suciasaurus rex”nomen nudum10.9 m35.8 ft
23Megalosaurus saharicusSynonym10.8 m35.4 ft
24“Megalosaurus” pombalinomen dubium10.7 m35.1 ft
25Chilantaisaurus tashuikouensisvalid10.6 m34.8 ft
26Tarbosaurus bataarvalid10.6 m34.8 ft
27Ichthyovenator laosensisvalid10.5 m34.4 ft
28Yangchuanosaurus shangyouensisvalid10.5 m34.4 ft
29Allosaurus fragilisvalid10.4 m34.1 ft
30Epanterias amplexusnomen dubium/S10.4 m34.1 ft
31“Capitalsaurus” potensnomen nudum10.3 m33.8 ft
32Sauroniops pachytholusSynonym10.2 m33.5 ft
33Siats meekerorumvalid10.2 m33.5 ft
34Sigilmassasaurus brevicollisvalid10.1 m33.1 ft
35Zhuchengtyrannus magnusvalid10.1 m33.1 ft
36“Allosaurus” tendagurensisnomen dubium10.0 m32.8 ft
37Carcharodontosaurus iguidensisvalid10.0 m32.8 ft
38Dandakosaurus indicusnomen dubium10.0 m32.8 ft
39Dryptosauroides grandisnomen dubium10.0 m32.8 ft
40“Megalosaurus” insignisnomen dubium10.0 m32.8 ft
41Siamotyrannus isanensisvalid10.0 m32.8 ft
42Veterupristisaurus milnerivalid10.0 m32.8 ft
43Megalosaurus bucklandiivalid9.8 m32.2 ft
44Prodeinodon mongoliensisnomen dubium9.8 m32.2 ft
45Baryonyx walkerivalid9.7 m31.8 ft
46“Megalosaurus” chubutensisnomen dubium9.7 m31.8 ft
47Wiehenvenator albativalid9.6 m31.5 ft
48“Tyrannosaurus” zhuchengensisnomen dubium9.4 m30.8 ft
49Albertosaurus sarcophagusvalid9.3 m30.5 ft
50Daspletosaurus torosusvalid9.3 m30.5 ft
51Gorgosaurus libratusvalid9.3 m30.5 ft
52Sinotyrannus kazuoensisvalid9.3 m30.5 ft
53Suchosaurus girardinomen dubium9.3 m30.5 ft
54“Allosaurus” mediusnomen dubium9.2 m30.2 ft
55Sinosaurus “shawanensis”nomen nudum9.2 m30.2 ft
56Sinraptor hepingensisvalid9.2 m30.2 ft
57“Tyrannosaurus” luanchuanensisnomen dubium9.1 m29.9 ft
58Bistahieversor sealeyivalid9.0 m29.5 ft
59“Dryptosaurus” kenabekidesnomen dubium9.0 m29.5 ft
60Lametasaurus indicusnomen dubium9.0 m29.5 ft
61Therizinosaurus cheloniformisvalid9.0 m29.5 ft
62“Tyrannosaurus lanpingensis”nomen nudum9.0 m29.5 ft
63“Chicagotyrannus chicagotyrannus”nomen nudum8.9 m29.2 ft
64Gualicho shinyaevalid8.9 m29.2 ft
65Pycnonemosaurus nevesivalid8.9 m29.2 ft
66Angaturama limaivalid8.7 m28.5 ft
67Daspletosaurus hornerivalid8.7 m28.5 ft
68Datanglong guangxiensisvalid8.6 m28.2 ft
69Allosaurus “whitei”nomen nudum8.5 m27.9 ft
70Spinostropheus gautierivalid8.5 m27.9 ft
71Yutyrannus hualivalid8.5 m27.9 ft
72“Allosaurus” sibricusnomen dubium8.4 m27.6 ft
73Embasaurus minaxnomen dubium8.4 m27.6 ft
74Eocarcharia dinopsvalid8.4 m27.6 ft
75Orkoraptor burkeivalid8.4 m27.6 ft
76“Brontoraptor”nomen nudum8.3 m27.2 ft
77Megalosaurus monasteriinomen dubium8.3 m27.2 ft
78Megaraptor namunhuaiquiivalid8.3 m27.2 ft
79Labocania anomalavalid8.2 m26.9 ft
80Wakinosaurus satoinomen dubium8.1 m26.6 ft
81Allosaurus europaeusvalid8.0 m26.2 ft
82Deinodon horridusnomen dubium8.0 m26.2 ft
83Dynamoterror dynastesnomen dubium8.0 m26.2 ft
84Gigantoraptor erlianensisvalid8.0 m26.2 ft
85Indosuchus raptoriusvalid8.0 m26.2 ft
86“Madsenius trux”nomen nudum8.0 m26.2 ft
87Siamraptor suwativalid8.0 m26.2 ft
88Antrodemus valensnomen dubium7.9 m25.9 ft
89Asfaltovenator vialidadivalid7.9 m25.9 ft
90Kelmayisaurus petrolicusvalid7.9 m25.9 ft
91“Osteoporosia gigantea”nomen nudum7.9 m25.9 ft
92Carnotaurus sastreivalid7.8 m25.6 ft
93Allosaurus “carnegeii”nomen nudum7.7 m25.3 ft
94Camarillasaurus cirugedaevalid7.7 m25.3 ft
95Cryolophosaurus elliotivalid7.7 m25.3 ft
96“Megalosaurus phillipsi”nomen nudum7.7 m25.3 ft
97Allosaurus jimmadsenivalid7.6 m24.9 ft
98Allosaurus lucasiSynonym7.6 m24.9 ft
99“Camptonotus” amplusnomen dubium7.6 m24.9 ft
100Sinraptor dongivalid7.6 m24.9 ft



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