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The longest Pachycephalosaurs (Pachycephalosauria) TOP 10

The largest Pachycephalosaurs (Pachycephalosauria) TOP 10

Length, dimensions, size of Pachycephalosauria (Pachycephalosaurs)

Pachycephalosaurs were bipedal ornithischians characterized by their thickened skulls. They had a bulky torso with an expanded gut cavity and broad hips, short forelimbs, long legs, a short, thick neck, and a heavy tail. Large eye sockets (orbits) and a large optic nerve point to pachycephalosaurs having good vision, and uncharacteristically large olfactory lobes indicate that they had a good sense of smell relative to other dinosaurs. They were fairly small dinosaurs, with most falling in the range of 2–3 meters (6.6-9.8 feet) in length and the largest, Pachycephalosaurus wyomingensis, estimated to measure 4.8 meters (15.7 feet) long and weigh 500 kilograms (110 pounds).

Today we present the world’s largest list of Pachycephalosaurs (Pachycephalosauria) ranked by length. Soon we will present a list of the heaviest Pachycephalosaurs (Pachycephalosauria).

The longest Pachycephalosaurs (Pachycephalosauria) TOP 10


NoDinosaurLength [m]Length [ft]
1Pachycephalosaurus wyomingensis4.8 m15.7 ft
2Stygimoloch spinifer4.2 m13.8 ft
3Dracorex hogwartsia3.3 m10.8 ft
4Acrotholus audeti2.40 m7.87 ft
5Gravitholus albertae2.35 m7.71 ft
6Homalocephale calathocercos2.20 m7.22 ft
7Hanssuesia sternbergi2.15 m7.05 ft
8Prenocephale prenes2.15 m7.05 ft
9Stegoceras validum2.10 m6.89 ft
10Texacephale langstoni2.00 m6.56 ft
11Prenocephale goodwini1.95 m6.40 ft
12Colepiocephale lambei1.85 m6.07 ft
13Goyocephale lattimorei1.85 m6.07 ft
14Alaskacephale gangloffi1.80 m5.91 ft
15Sphaerotholus buchholtzae1.70 m5.58 ft
16Tylocephale gilmorei1.60 m5.25 ft
17Foraminacephale brevis1.45 m4.76 ft
18Prenocephale edmontonensis1.45 (1.7) m4.76 (5.58) ft
19Stegoceras novomexicanum1.25 m4.10 ft
20Amtocephale gobiensis0.70 m2.30 ft



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