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The largest Raptors (dromaeosaurs) – Top 10

The longest raptors among dinosaurs – Top 10

Length, dimensions, size of raptors (Dromaeosaurids / dromaeosaurs)

The Dromaeosauridae are a family of theropod dinosaurs. They were small to medium-sized, two-legged carnivores that were probably closely related to the birds (Aves). These feathered dinosaurs were characterized by a narrow muzzle, long arms reinforced with curved claws, a stiffened tail and an enlarged crescent-shaped claw on the foot. Dromaeosaurids have been found in Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Africa and Antarctica. They existed for around 100 million years, from the Central Jurassic to the Upper Cretaceous. In popular culture, dromaeosaurids are called raptors.

Today we present the world’s largest list of raptors (Dromaeosaurids) ranked by length. Soon we will present a list of the heaviest raptors (dromaeosaurs).

The longest raptors – Top 10

No         Dinosaur             Length [m]          Length [ft]

  1. Austroraptor cabazai 6.2 m (20.3 ft)
  2. Utahraptor ostrommaysorum 5.1 m (16.7 ft)
  3. “Maroccanoraptor elbegiensis” 5.0 m (16.4 ft)
  4. Dakotaraptor steini 4.9 m (16.1 ft)
  5. Achillobator giganticus 4.3 m (14.1 ft)
  6. “Koreanosaurus koreanensis” 3.8 m (12.5 ft)
  7. Deinonychus antirrhopus 3.6 m (11.6 ft)
  8. Adasaurus mongoliensis 3.5 m (11.5 ft)
  9. Unenlagia paynemili 3.5 m (11.5 ft)
  10. Unenlagia comahuensis 3.4 m (11.2 ft)
  11. Richardoestesia gilmorei 3.3 m (10.8 ft)
  12. Saurornitholestes langstoni 3.2 m (10.5 ft)
  13. Itemirus medullaris 3.1 m (10.2 ft)
  14. Dineobellator notohesperus 3.0 m (9.8 ft)
  15. Yurgovuchia doellingi 3.0 m (9.8 ft)


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