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The heaviest Ankylosaurus Top 10. Weight of Ankylosaurus

Weight, dimensions, size of ankylosaurus

Characteristic of the Ankylosauria was an armor made of bone plates ( osteoderms ), which covered the neck, the back and the top of the tail. These were embedded in the skin and are usually not preserved in fossils , so their exact shape and arrangement are often not exactly known.

The bone plates were arranged in numerous, sagittal (front to back) rows. There were small plates between the larger plates, which ensured complete armor. Large, keeled panels were usually attached to the top of the neck. In the shoulder area, the plates were often woven into a crescent-shaped structure, with spines especially in the Nodosauridae. In the area of ​​the fuselage, the armor was variable depending on the species, in addition to flat plates, plates with keels or bumps were also available. In some ankylosaurs, the osteoderms had grown into a shield-like structure above the sacrum.

Many representatives of the Ankylosauridae, but not the Nodosauridae, had a bony club at the tip of the tail. This consisted of osteoderms that were overgrown with the vertebrae and was supported and stiffened by ossified tendons.

Today we present the world’s largest list of ankylosaurs ranked by weight. Soon we will present a list of the longest Ankylosaurus.

The heaviest Ankylosaurus Top 10


NoDinosaurWeight [kg]Weight [lb]
1Ankylosaurus magniventris6 000 kg13 228 lb
2Cedarpelta bilbeyhallorum4 000 kg8 818 lb
3Platypelta coombsi2 600 kg5 732 lb
4Gobisaurus domoculus2 500 kg5 512 lb
5Scolosaurus cutleri2 500 kg5 512 lb
6Zuul crurivastator2 500 kg5 512 lb
7Zaraapelta nomadis2 300 kg5 071 lb
8Scolosaurus thronus2 200 kg4 850 lb
9Talarurus plicatospineus2 200 kg4 850 lb
10Anodontosaurus inceptus2 100 kg4 630 lb
11Oohkotokia horneri2 100 kg4 630 lb
12Euoplocephalus tutus2 000 kg4 409 lb
13Zhejiangosaurus lishuiensis2 000 kg4 409 lb
14Ziapelta sanjuanensis2 000 kg4 409 lb
15“Dyoplosaurus” giganteus1 900 kg4 189 lb
16Anodontosaurus lambei1 800 kg3 968 lb
17Aletopelta coombsi1 400 kg3 086 lb
18Zhongyuansaurus luoyangensis1 400 kg3 086 lb
19Pinacosaurus grangeri1 300 kg2 866 lb
20Nodocephalosaurus kirtlandensis1 100 kg2 425 lb
21Shamosaurus scutatus1 100 kg2 425 lb
22Ahshislepelta minor1 000 kg2 205 lb
23Chuanqilong chaoyangensis1 000 kg2 205 lb



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