What Is A Toy Cavapoo?

A Guide to this Popular Doodle

Hey! Looking for a cuddly, adorable teddy bear? Then why not a Cavapoo? It is hard to choose one when you have so many magnificent and sublime dog breeds out there. If you live alone or with a family, Cavapoos are a perfect choice. Like their unique name, Cavapoos enjoy a super incredible nature, as smart as a whip. Most surprisingly, they are hypoallergenic and non-shedding. Sounds amazing, right?

About Toy Cavapoo…

Cavapoo is a delightful breed of dogs, a hybrid mix of a poodle dog and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. They take up the best combination of qualities from both parents to achieve the perfect traits. They are sporty & energetic like cavalier and smart like poodles. They have many other names, like Cavadoodle and cavoodle. This doodle breed is highly social, goes well with kids and pets, they are non-shedding, and have very few medical issues. Isn’t it perfect?

Cavapoo, Cavoodle

Weight and Height

Cavapoos are a relatively smaller breed of dog as compared to Goldendoodles. Their average height range is 9 to 14 inches and their average weight is between n8 to 25 pounds. Cavapoo were originally bred in Australia in the mid of 1990s. Their sizes differ greatly depending on the parent it was bred from, either a mini or toy poodle.

Toy Cavapoo, also known as Teacup Cavapoo by some people, can grow up to 12 inches tall and gain 10 to 15 pounds.

The 2nd variety of the Cavapoo breed, Miniature, is also very cute. Miniature Cavapoo can reach 12 to 14 inches in height with a weight of 5 to 20 pounds.


Regarding appearance, the Cavapoo is the most popular, designer, and elite breed of dog you must go for. These cuties have big eyes just like warm brown melted chocolate, the nose like sweet buttons on teddy bears, long sleeky ears being dropped down from their faces, and fur is soft and curly. All that is enough to give your Cavapoo a teddy bear look that is irresistibly cute.

chocolate brown to creamy fawn, chestnut to golden and black, or a tricolor of white, tan, and black; the Cavapoo comes in various colors and shades. However, the fur color of both parents eventually determines the color of the pups.

Cavapoo, Cavoodle

Health Factors

One thing you should keep in mind is that there is no magic to getting the exact ideal shape, weight, and size of a cavapoo. If you want your candle to grow to its full potential, you must put extra effort into it. Several critical factors govern the growth of Cavapoos.

  • The foremost value is given to gender. Male Cavapoos are relatively larger in size and weight than their female counterparts.
  • Diet is the other critical factor determining how big your Cavapoo will grow. Since Cavapoos are a bit sportier and more energetic than your usual pet dog, it is very important to feed them high-quality food. Due to their smaller size, it’s better to feed them 3 to 4 servings per day instead of 2 big meals, e.g., kibble and canned food for dogs.
  • As they’ve silky curly hair, Cavapoos require frequent grooming and brushing to avoid knots and maintain their loveable appearance.


Since the Cavapoos are the outcome of two different breeds, they enjoy a diverse genetic game, and their lifespan is much longer than a large breed dog. Their life expectancy is 10 to 14 years.

Cavapoo, Cavoodle

General Traits of Cavapoo

Family-oriented and Social

Cavapoos were bred to achieve a breed that will be smart, gentle, playful, and full of energy, reflecting the traits of both parents. That’s why we find Cavapoos the most social and people-oriented entities among the dog breeds that want themselves to be included in all the activities of a household. They love to play with kids and other pets in the house. Since they have a hunting background, they also have a high prey drive. Birds inspire these dogs to chase them.

Need Exercise

Cava doodles have bundles of vitality. They require daily exercise, tricky games, and smart toys for mental stimulation. They love to swim in the pool and enjoy fetching and romping games as well. Cavapoos are not known as barkers. However, they are too sensitive to harsh behavior and feel bored when left alone at home. Rude behavior can affect their mental health, making them emotional and resulting in destructive behavior. Cavapoos need a lot of care and attention to remain balanced.

An Indoor Dog

These cuties are not outdoor dogs. They love to be where their owners are, playing in the living room with kids, watching TV, and swimming in the pool. They like to play out but not for the whole day as the harsh temperature doesn’t suit their temper. They love to be outside for playtime, but they’re too small for extreme temperatures and begin to bark if their outside period exceeds.

Cavapoo, Cavoodle

Cavapoo, An Expensive Designer Dog

As they go well as pets, Cavapoos are in high demand. It is expected to cost you between $1200 to $1800. It is also possible for a breeder to cost you more than $1900 dollar depending on the breed, health, color, testing, and geographic location of Cavapoos. That’s why Cavapoos are the most royal elite and designer breed among pet dogs. If you can’t afford such expensive cutie cava poos, look for the shelters where dogs are rescued and foster a Cavapoo.

Interesting Fact about Cavapoo

An interesting fact about the Cavapoo is that no matter what breed of poodle they are bred with, the other is always a Cavalier Charles Spaniel. In simple words, one parent is always a Cavalier Charles Spaniel; the other can be any small poodle breed. The outcome is a designer, cute Cavapoo dog.

Final Words

Cavapoo is an ideal mutt for those looking for a non-shedding, highly social, friendly, and awesome dog. To summarize, if you want to meditate and commit to their cuteness, go ahead and adopt a Cavapoo. I guarantee you won’t regret it.

Cavapoo, Cavoodle


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