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The longest Stegosaurians (Stegosauria) TOP 10

Length, dimensions, size Stegosaurians (Stegosauria)

The Stegosauria were four-legged, herbivorous dinosaurs, characterized by a double row of bony plates or spines along the back and top of the tail. The best-known representative was Stegosaurus, however, a total of over a dozen genera have been described. Stegosaurs were medium-sized dinosaurs that were 3 to 9 meters long. The forelimbs were short and strong, the hind limbs long and columnar. The toes of all legs ended in broad hooves. For all stegosaurs (with the exception of the original Huayangosaurus ) the hind legs were significantly longer than the front legs, which brought them into a forward bent position and positioned the head close to the ground. These animals could only move slowly. The tail was long and was probably kept horizontally straight.

Stegosauria – temporal range: Middle Jurassic – Early Cretaceous, 169–125 Ma

Today we present the world’s largest list of Stegosaurians ranked by length. Soon we will present a list of the heaviest Stegosaurians.

The largest Stegosaurians (Stegosauria) TOP 10


NoDinosaurLength [m]Length [ft]
1Stegosaurus ungulatus9.3 m30.5 ft
2Dacentrurus armatus8.2 m26.9 ft
3Stegosaurus armatus8.0 m26.2 ft
4Stegosaurus stenops8.0 (9.3) m26.2 (30.5) ft
5Diracodon laticeps7.7 m25.3 ft
6Miragaia longicollum7.7 m25.3 ft
7Paranthodon africanus7.4 m24.3 ft
8Hypsirophus discurus7.2 m23.6 ft
9Tuojiangosaurus multispinus7.1 m23.3 ft
10“Changtusaurus laminaplacodus”7.0 m23.0 ft
11Hesperosaurus mjosi7.0 m23.0 ft
12Stegosaurus sulcatus7.0 m23.0 ft
13Wuerhosaurus homheni6.7 m22.0 ft
14Adratiklit boulahfa6.6 m21.7 ft
15“Ferganastegos callovicus”6.6 m21.7 ft
16Lexovisaurus durobrivensis6.6 m21.7 ft
17Alcovasaurus longispinus6.1 m20.0 ft
18Loricatosaurus priscus6.0 m19.7 ft
19Chialingosaurus kuani5.9 m19.4 ft
20Kentrosaurus aethiopicus5.7 m18.7 ft
21Monkonosaurus lawulacus5.7 m18.7 ft
22“Chungkingosaurus giganticus”5.6 m18.4 ft
23Dacentrurus lennieri5.3 m17.4 ft
24Isaberrysaura mollensis5.2 m17.1 ft
25Jiangjunosaurus junggarensis5.2 m17.1 ft
26Huayangosaurus taibaii5.1 m16.7 ft
27“Saldamosaurus tuvensis”5.0 m16.4 ft
28Wuerhosaurus ordosensis5.0 m16.4 ft
29“Chungkingosaurus magnus”4.9 m16.1 ft
30“Eoplophysis vetustus”4.7 m15.4 ft
31Gigantspinosaurus sichuanensis4.7 m15.4 ft
32Yingshanosaurus jichuanensis4.7 m15.4 ft
33Mongolostegus exspectabilis4.4 m14.4 ft
34Dacentrurus phillipsii4.2 m13.8 ft
35Regnosaurus northamptoni3.8 m12.5 ft
36“Astrodon” pusillus3.7 m12.1 ft
37Chungkingosaurus jiangbeiensis3.7 m12.1 ft
38“Amargastegos brevicollus”3.3 m10.8 ft
39Dravidosaurus blanfordi2.90 m9.51 ft
40“Siamodracon altispinus”2.20 m7.22 ft



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