The largest Dinosaur Database in the world

Dinosaur Database – online version

The largest Dinosaur Database in the world

Recently, we have published fewer articles due to the large project which was very time consuming. We worked on the online version of the Dinosaur Database, which is the largest database in the world in terms of the number of dinosaur species. It contains almost 3,000 names of dinosaurs. We previously shared this database in a tabular version, but the real convenience for readers comes when the database is available online and each dinosaur has its own card containing basic data.

In the Dinosaur Database you will find:

  • dimensions (length and mass) of all dinosaurs discovered so far
  • classification
  • place of occurrence (continent, country, formation)
  • time of occurrence
  • found fossil material of a dinosaur
  • References, the titles of scientific papers that describe each dinosaur

Database dinosaurs in its current form can be used both by professional paleontologists and by dinosaur fans.

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Use the dinosaur database freely and check the size of each dinosaur. You can be sure of the data contained in the dinosaur database, because the data is based on scientific works and the latest estimates.

And yes, they are more accurate than those presented on Wikipedia 🙂

Dinosaur database

You can go to the dinosaur database by clicking on the picture below:

Dinosaur Database

Dinosaur Database


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