Nebelung – a cat from fairytales

The Nebelung

Creatures from the mist…

The silver-blue coat of Nebelungs has been the reason for the name of the breed. It is hard to be surprised – amazing highlights on the coat make the cat seem to be from a fairytale, from another world. Noble face, long, silvery hair, and slightly aristocratic behaviors made the “fairytale” cats win the hearts of more and more cat lovers. It is worth finding out, what the Nebelung may charm you.

FIFe classification

The Nebelung has been recognized as a separate breed, but as a long-haired variety of the Russian Blue.


Origins of the breed

The breed was created at the initiative of Cora Cobb. The woman was an owner of two incredibly beautiful cats: Siegfried and Brunhilde, which had blue-grey coats. They looked like the Russian Blue but with longer hair. Cobb wanted to check if these two cats could produce a completely new breed. She contacted a geneticist from the American Cat Association (ACA), Solveig Pfleuger. He advised that the new breed should be classed as a semi-haired variety of the Russian Blue. Thus, Cobb created a breed identical to the Russian Blue, but with longer hair. The first litter of Siegfried and Brunhilde was born in 1986.

TICA was the first association that accepted the Nebelung as a separate breed. It took place in 1987. Since 1997, the Nebelung can be crossbred with the Russian Blue. The breed has also been recognized by Cat Fanciers Federation and Traditional Cat Association.




The body shape is a combination of the cobby Persian with the poised Siamese. The cat is well-muscled, therefore the Nebelung is agile and elegant.

The head is wedge-shaped, but the long hair softens the features and makes them more rounded. The ears are pointed, wide at the base, and big, wide set eyes are deep green and oval. The neck is slender and long, but because of the long hair, it may seem massive. The tail is almost of the same length as the body.

The Nebelung is covered with beautiful, shiny semi-long hair, which consists of two layers, therefore it is thick. The top coat is silky smooth, and the undercoat is fluffy and soft. Male cats have a distinctive ruff around their necks, unlike females whose ruff is less impressive. The coat is fully developed after about 2 years.

The coat is painted in gray, silver and blue tint. The silvery highlights make the coat seem to shine.



Nebelungs are said to be gentle and quiet, sometimes even shy. Despite being somehow distant, they like various games. They also love climbing and jumping. They can observe their owners from high observation points.

These cats are distant towards strangers, and it happens that they never come round some people. However, it may turn out that a cat will like specific family members. It can choose one or several people from its owners to whom it will be tender and loyal.

Because of their sensitive nature, these cats do not like to be ignored. They may become apathetic if they are rejected by their owners too often. Lack of proper attention from the owner may make Nebelungs anxious.


They do not like changes

Nebelungs cope relatively well with their owners’ absence. They also do not tend to destroy things, because when they are exploring their environment, they are as nimble as a ballerina is. However, they require stability and quiet. They do not like changes, especially those associated with the regularity of meals.

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Nebelung feels good in the presence of older children, as long as they treat him with respect. However, he shows a considerable reserve in contact with smaller children, who unfortunately do not sin with delicacy. Therefore, it is recommended not to leave young people alone with the Nebelung, because the child may not be aware of the fact that he is doing harm with his excessive stroking or cuddling.

Nebelung lives on good terms with other animals, including dogs, provided the dog is not aggressive or aggressive.


Detailed information / size


  • Weight: 2-7 kg (4.4-15.4 lb)
  • Lifespan: 11-16 years

Nebelung – interesting facts

  • The name of the breed comes from German and means “creature from mist”. It refers to a silvery-blue coat whose shine makes it seem misty, light, floating over the cat’s body.
  • Names of the breed’s progenitors: Siegfried and Brunhilde are associated with the characters of a German saga: “Nibelungenlied”. The name is also associated with the title to some extent.
  • The breed may have a huge health problem concerning appetite. Therefore, Nebelungs should eat regularly in order to avoid obesity.


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  1. I have a little Neblung female named Wallis – they have the sweetest little purr-sonality and are an active little cat. But they definitely let their chosen person know who’s in charge! Be warned! They LOVE to be brushed and combed and adored and they love to play but they are definitely invisible or stand-offish to anyone who isn’t their person of choice, even friends and family members they are familiar with.
    This is what I’ve noticed, anyway.

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