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The most intelligent animals – Top 10



1 February 2017


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The most intelligent animals – Top 10

Ravens, Corvids (Corvidae)

The whole crow family evinces incredibly intelligent behaviors, e.g. corvids from Israel learned how to use breadcrumbs as a bait to catch fish. However, what is the most astonishing thing is their ability to use simple tools, hiding and storing food for a long time.

They have the animal type of episodic memory (memory of events), they can also use their past experiences to anticipate the behaviors of the representatives of the same species.

Some corvids, e.g. the New Caledonian crow (Corvus moneduloides), make their own tools used for obtaining food; these include “knives” made of stiff leaves and grass.

If a bird cannot cope with cracking hard nuts, it throws it on the street and waits until a car runs over it, thus, the nut will be cracked.

Corvids from Australia also cannot be denied their cleverness; they learned how to eat the toxic cane toad (Rhinella marina) whose skin may kill many animals. Corvids from Queensland turn the toad on its back and quickly cut its throat in the thinnest spot to reach non-toxic internal organs. It is likely that they can also distinguish people by their facial features.

vii.Some corvids make their own tools used for obtaining food.

Some corvids make their own tools used for obtaining food.


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