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Rhesus macaque (Macaca mulatta)

Rhesus macaques are very resilient and smart primates whose intelligence is manifested by a valuable skill of adapting to various habitats. They are so adaptive that they can even get used to living among people.

Rhesus macaques are commonly found in India where they are considered sacred by Indians, which also makes them inviolable. Apart from Asia, these apes could survive in Florida forests, however – despite their high intelligence – few people would like to be around them longer than necessary, because these animals are impetuous, noisy, and aggressive, and they form groups of even 200 individuals.

The rhesus macaque as one of the most intelligent primates is often used for clinical and scientific research.

The abbreviation “Rh” (Rhesus) is a human blood factor responding to the blood of these apes, which enabled developing vaccines for polio and pox.

Rhesus macaques were also among the first creatures that were sent into space before human. Apparently, our civilization owes them much, especially due to their many similarities to humans.

Rhesus macaque can easily adapt to various habitats.
Rhesus macaque can easily adapt to various habitats.

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