History of animals and plants extinction

History of extinction of animal and plant species

8th millennium BCE

  • 7930 BCE – The pampathere Holmesina survived in Florida until about this time, as did GlossotheriumTapirus veroensis and Palaeolama mirifica survived until about this time.
  • 7890 BCE – Mummified skin associated with the sloth Nothrotheriops shastensis indicates that the species may have survived in New Mexico until about this time.
  • 7630 BCE – The sloth Catonyx cuvieri survived in Brazil until about this time.
  • 7490 BCE – Megalonyx jeffersonii survived until about this time.
  • 7490 BCE – The stilt-legged deer Sangamona survived in Missouri until about this time.
  • 7470 BCE – The Cyprus dwarf elephant became extinct around this time.
  • 7460 BCE – The peccary Mylohyus survived in Tennessee until about this time. Smilodon fatalis survived until about this time.
  • 7450 BCE – The dire wolf Canis dirus survived in Missouri until about this time. Its extinction was probably caused by competition with Canis lupus, the extant gray wolf.
  • 7290 BCE – The Cyprus dwarf hippopotamus became extinct at about this time.
  • 7180 BCE – Smilodon populator survived in Brazil until about this time.
The Saber-toothed tiger (Smilodon)

7th millennium BCE

  • 6960 BCE – Scelidodon chiliensis survived in Peru until about this time.
  • 6910 BCE – The primitive bison survived in the Taymyr Peninsula until this time.
  • 6730 BCE – Mammuthus columbi survived in Saskatchewan until about this time. Equus santaelenae survived in Ecuador until about this time.
  • 6720 BCE – Ochotona whartoni survived in eastern North America until about this time.
  • 6689 BCE – Mylodon survived in Chile until about this time.
  • 6577 BCE – Hemiauchenia survived in Nevada until about this time.
  • 6290 BCE – The camel Camelops survived in Arizona until about this time.
  • 6275 BCE – Bubo insularis survived until about this time.
  • 6050 BCE – Megalotragus priscus survived in South Africa until about this time.
European bison (Bison bonasus)

6th millennium BCE

  • 5914 BCE – The Cuban pauraque survived until about this time.
  • 5620 BCE – Antidorcas bondi survived in South Africa until about this time.
  • 5370 BCE – Megatherium americanum survived in Argentina until about this time.
  • 5020 BCE – The Sardinian giant deer Praemegaceros cazioti survived until about this time.

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