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The most expensive animals – TOP 10

The most expensive animal – TOP 10

Palm cockatoo – up to 16,000 dollars

Slightly higher prices than the hyacinth macaw are achieved by a parrot also known as a goliath cockatoo or great black cockatoo. This is a parrot found in Australia and in New Guinea. It is grey or black parrot, with a black beak and an orange patch on the cheeks. Just like a macaw, it is a long-lived parrot – it lives to the age of… 90.

Palm cockatoo

Ball python – up to 40,000 dollars

Beautifully colored ball python (also known as a royal python) in albino variety reaches the price of even 40,000 dollars. It is the smallest among African pythons. Reaches up to 180 cm in length (females), males do not usually exceed 100 cm. Occurs in the wild in West and Central Africa. We recommend an article about the longest python – reticulated python.

Ball python / royal python

Stag beetles from the family Lucanidae – up to 89,000 dollars

Probably most readers will be surprised, but well, since the breeder from Japan paid almost 90,000 dollars for the beetle, apparently it must have been worth so much to him… 😉

Stag beetles from the family Lucanidae

Homing pigeon (messenger pigeon) – up to 91,000 dollars

A flock of 66 pigeons (among them the fastest postal pigeon in the world) was sold by a Belgian breeder for $ 6 million. Calculated on a single pigeon, this amounts to almost $ 91,000.

Homing pigeon (messenger pigeon)

White lion cubs – up to 138,000 dollars

Who would not like to have their own lion 🙂 The extremely rare white African lions reach a price of up to $138,000. Our readers are invited to the article: Lion – the king of animals, who describes these wonderful big cats and explains why the lion has a mane ;), and to get to know the white lions more closely.

Cloned Labrador “Sir Lancelot Encore” – 155,000 dollars

Labrador retriever was cloned from frozen dog DNA (Sir Lancelot) belonging to Nina and Edgar Otto. At the auction, it reached the price of $ 155,000. The meaning of cloning of this dog was a bit incomprehensible to us, considering that its predecessor (DNA donor) died of cancer, so the clone is the carrier of the defective DNA.

Labrador Retriever: Sir Lancelot Encore – the most expensive dog clone. 155,000 dollars.

Miss Missy cow – 1.2 million dollars

Well, everyone has the right to spend money, as he thinks appropriate, why not spend almost 4 million zlotys on … a cow? Miss Missy is not just any cow, belongs to the Holstein Friesians cow and she was the Grand Champion of the 2009 Western Fall National Show in the United States. The current owner was so anxious to have her that he had to pay $ 1,200,000. Missy is the most expensive cow in the world for now.

Miss Missy – the world’s most expensive cow

The most expensive tuna in the world – 1.8 million dollars

We have known for a long time that the Japanese love sushi. Almost every year we read about the next price record, which is set in Japan for these fish. The last record was in January 2013, with the price of 222 kg of common tuna reaching $1.8 million. The tuna weighed 222 kg, which gives a price of USD 8.100 per kilo.

The most expensive tuna in the world – 1.8 million dollars

Tibetan mastiff – up to 2 million dollars

We know that the Chinese love Tibetan mastiffs. These dogs break the price records almost every year. Initially, their prices reached 100,000, then 500,000, and the current record holder was sold for 2,000,000 dollars. Rumors disseminated by breeders say that dogs of this breed are sold even at a price exceeding $ 3 million. The thing is, in fact, no one paid such a price for these dogs – the auctions are set by breeders in order to raise the price for dogs of this breed. The goals of this kind of transactions are only marketing.

Tibetan mastiff

… and the most expensive animal in the world is…

Horse – the Green Monkey – 16 million dollars

This probably does not surprise anyone, because for years we have been hearing about record-breaking auctions. In 2006, the buyer of the 2-year-old horse at that time had great hopes for it and its descendants. Unfortunately, these hopes turned out to be fiery – the horse never won during its starts the sum paid for it by the buyer… Well, it did not hit the poor, so probably we will not regret that Demi O’Byrne bought a horse for 16 million and he lost, right 😉

The world’s most expensive horse the Green Monkey – 16 million dollars.


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