History of animals and plants extinction

History of extinction of animal and plant species

1st millennium CE

2nd century

  • 100 – The Maui highland apteribis survived on Maui until around this time.

3rd century

  • 200 – The coastal kagu, Kanaka pigeon, New Caledonian gallinule, pile-builder megapode, and powerful goshawk survived until around this time.
  • 256 – Mesopropithecus globiceps survived in Madagascar until about this time.

5th century

  • 450 – The turtle genus Meiolania survived until this time on New Caledonia.

6th century

  • 537 – Hadropithecus stenognathus survived in Madagascar until about this time.
  • 540 – Mesopropithecus pithecoides survived in Madagascar until about this time.
  • 570 – Alopochen sirabensis survived in Madagascar until around this time.

7th century

  • 685 – The lava shearwater survived until around this time.

8th century

  • 730 – Pachylemur insignis survived in Madagascar until about this time.
  • 731 – The rodent Heteropsomys insulans survived in Puerto Rico until about this time.

9th century

  • 836 – The coastal moa survived in New Zealand until about this time.
  • 885 – Daubentonia robusta survived in Madagascar until about this time.

10th century

  • 900 – The nene-nui survived on Maui until around this time.
  • 915 – Plesiorycteropus survived in Madagascar until about this time.
  • 950 – Sinoto’s lorikeet and the conquered lorikeet survived until about this time.
  • 996 – The New Zealand owlet-nightjar survived until about this time.

2nd millennium CE

12th century

  • 1180 – The Maui Nui moa-nalo survived until around this time. The moa-nalo were large ducks and the Hawaiian Islands’ major herbivores.
  • 1190 – The Hunter Island penguin survived until around this time.

14th century

  • 1320 – The lemur Megaladapis edwardsi survived in Madagascar until about this time.
  • 1322 – The upland moa survived on South Island until around this time.
  • 1326 – Mantell’s moa survived on North Island until around this time.
  • 1360 – Nesophontes survived in Cuba until around this time.
Haast’s eagle (Harpagornis moorei)

15th century

  • 1400 – New Zealand’s Haast’s eagle, a giant bird of prey, becomes extinct. The eagle’s main prey were various species of moa, which also went extinct.
  • 1420 – The South Island giant moa survived on South Island until around this time.
  • 1440 – The lemur Palaeopropithecus ingens survived in Madagascar until about this time.
  • The moas of New Zealand became extinct, probably due to hunting.

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