History of animals and plants extinction

History of extinction of animal and plant species

5th millennium BCE

  • 4950 BCE – Dactylopsila kambuaya and Petauroides ayamaruensis survived in New Guinea until about this time.
  • 4866 BCE – Irish elk survived in the Urals and western Siberia until this time.
  • 4605 BCE – The glyptodont Doedicurus clavicaudatus survived in Argentina until about this time.
  • 4180 BCE – Rallus eivissensis survived on Ibiza until about this time.

4th millennium BCE

  • 3010 BCE – The sloth Parocnus browni survived in Cuba until about this time.

3rd millennium BCE

  • 2915 BCE – The canid Dusicyon avus survived in Argentina until about this time.
  • 2835 BCE – The Balearic cave goat became extinct around this time.
  • 2765 BCE – The North African buffalo Pelorovis antiquus survived until about this time. Its extinction may have been caused by competition for food and water with domestic cattle.
  • 2550 BCE – The Bennu heron became extinct around this time, possibly due to degradation of its wetland habitat. It was last recorded in the Arabian Peninsula.
  • 2441 BCE – The sloth Neocnus comes survived in Haiti until about this time.
  • 2240 BCE – The sloth Megalocnus rodens and the Cuban cave rail survived in Cuba until about this time.

2nd millennium BCE

  • 1900 BCE – Antillothrix bernensis survived on Hispaniola until about this time.
  • 1780 BCE – The last known population of woolly mammoths on Wrangel Island died out, possibly due to a combination of climate change and hunting.
  • 1520 BCE – The giant flightless megapode survived on New Caledonia until about this time.
  • 1380 BCE – Acratocnus odontrigonus, formerly inhabiting Puerto Rico and Antigua, survived until about this time.
  • 1300 BCE – Thylogale christenseni survived in New Guinea until about this time.

1st millennium BCE

  • 790 BCE – Megapodius alimentum survived on Tonga until about this time.
  • 530 BCE – Microgale macpheei survived in Madagascar until about this time.
  • 457 BCE – The rodent Elasmodontomys obliquus survived in Puerto Rico until about this time.
  • 450 BCE – Crocidura balsamifera survived in Egypt until about this time.
  • 341 BCE – Archaeoindris fontoynonti survived in Madagascar until about this time.
  • 195 BCE – Xenothrix mcgregori survived until about this time.
  • 110 BCE – Archaeolemur edwardsi survived in Madagascar until about this time.
  • 100 BCE – Syrian elephant becomes extinct due to overhunting for ivory.
  • 30 BCE – Coua primaeva survived in Madagascar until about this time.

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