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The most intelligent animals – Top 10



1 February 2017


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The most intelligent animals – Top 10

Elephants (Elephantidae)

These large mammals have typically human mind features: in the mirror test they can see their reflection, and this proves self-awareness and highly developed cognitive processes occurring in some apes and dolphins.

Elephants, similarly as corvids, can use tools, in particular, twigs used as flytraps, that undergo modifications before being used. And although the level of tool creation is not as high as in chimpanzees, the fact itself may be surprising.

Apart from their creativity, elephants have a great memory, and it is difficult to determine to what extent they experience emotions.

They seem to show their interest in elephant skeletons they find, whether or not they belonged to a related individual. As in chimpanzees and dolphins, dying and dead elephants are surrounded with care by other group members.

African elephant (Loxodonta africana) These large animals have typically human mind features: they can see their reflection in the mirror test.

African elephant (Loxodonta africana). These large animals have typically human mind features: they can see their reflection in the mirror test.


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