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“Huanghetitan” ruyangensis

Dinosaur: "Huanghetitan" ruyangensis

Type: Sauropod

Length*: 28.5 m 93.5 ft
Weight*: 49 tons 108,025 lb
*The largest known specimen

ESR: 2 / 4 (estimated size reliability)


Material: Sacrum, caudal vertebrae, haemal arches, ribs and incomplete ishium, referred other material (vertebrae ?, femur ?, scapulacoracoid ?, tooth ?, other ?).
References: Lu J., Xu, L., Zhang, X., Hu, W., Wu, Y., Jia, S., and Ji, Q. (2007). "A New Gigantic Sauropod Dinosaur with the Deepest Known Body Cavity from the Cretaceous of Asia".


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