• Exotic Shorthair cat

    Cat breeds – Exotic Shorthair Is Garfield an Exotic Shorthair? Exotic Shorthair has Persian’s docile temperament and American Shorthair’s coat.…

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  • Siamese cat – a dog-like cat

    Siamese cat – a dog-like cat In a Disney movie “Lady and the Trap” Siamese cat was presented as a…

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  • Savannah cat

    Savannah cat – one of the most expensive cat breeds A cross between a domestic cat and the serval Who…

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  • Persian cat

    Persian cat – the most popular cat breed Persian cat is one of the oldest breeds, which simultaneously has undergone…

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  • Nebelung – a cat from fairytales

    The Nebelung Creatures from the mist… The silver-blue coat of Nebelungs has been the reason for the name of the…

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