Predatory dinosaurs

  • Abelisaurus – a mysterious dinosaur

    Abelisaurus A mysterious lizard Living in the Late Cretaceous Abelisaurus, even though it is not one of the largest predators…

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  • Austroraptor

    Austroraptor – a southern robber One of the largest raptors Many known theropods have the ‘raptor’ part in their names.…

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  • Majungasaurus – the king of Madagascar

    Majungasaurus A cannibal and the king of Madagascar For a human spawned by the Western civilization it is hard to…

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  • Rugops – African predator

    Rugops In comparison to its close relatives, it stands out not only with its short name, but also with its…

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  • Baryonyx

    Baryonyx ‘Massive claw’ The dinosaur presented in the following article was probably one of the largest theropods of Early Cretaceous.…

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