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Torvosaurus tanneri 

Dinosaur: Torvosaurus tanneri 

Type: Theropod

Length*: 10.9 m 35.8 ft
Weight*: 4.5 tons 9,921 lb
*The largest known specimen

ESR: 3 / 4 (estimated size reliability)


Material: At least several individuals (maybe also Edmarka rex material).
References: Hendrickx, C. & Mateus, O. (2014) Torvosaurus gurneyi n. sp., the Largest Terrestrial Predator from Europe, and a Proposed Terminology of the Maxilla Anatomy in Nonavian Theropods.Hanson, M., Makovicky, P. (2014). "A new specimen of Torvosaurus tanneri originally collected by Elmer Riggs".


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