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Suskityrannus hazelae

Dinosaur: Suskityrannus hazelae

Type: Theropod

Length*:2.1 m6.9 ft
Weight*:24 kg53 lb
ESR: 3 / 4 (estimated size reliability)
*The largest known specimen


Material: 2 partial skeletons with skull fragments.
References: Nesbitt, S.J.,. Denton Jr., R.K., Loewen, M.A., Brusatte, S.L., Smith, N.D., Turner, A.H., Kirkland, J.I., McDonald, A.T. & Wolfe, D.G. (2019). “A mid-Cretaceous tyrannosauroid and the origin of North American end-Cretaceous dinosaur assemblages.”.


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