• Komodo dragon – the largest lizard on Earth

    Komodo dragon, Komodo monitor (Varanus komodoensis) The legendary dragon appears out of nowhere, is ruthless, terrifying, and intriguing in its…

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  • Two-headed animals – Polycephaly

    Animals with two, three or more heads Mythological creatures, fighting for good or evil, were at least unusual in appearance.…

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  • Chameleon (chamaeleon)

    Chameleons or chamaeleons (Chamaeleonidae) Chameleon (Greek: chamailéōn) – a lion on the ground Chameleons are known mainly for their ability to change color,…

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  • Homosexual animal behavior

    Homosexual behavior in animals The common theory that animals copulate with each other only for reproduction is not true. It…

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