The world of animals

  • Rhamphosuchus – one of the largest crocodiles

    Rhamphosuchus crassidens (“Beak crocodile”) Contemporary crocodiles have been present on Earth unchanged for hundreds of millions of years. Despite the…

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  • Pangaea (Pangea) – supercontinent

    Pangaea (Pangea) – when all continents were one “Mother Earth” Supercontinents have arisen several times in the history of the…

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  • Burmese cat

    Burmese cat The Burmese cat from distant Asia is one of the most popular breeds today. In addition to its…

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  • Moscow Watchdog

    Moscow Watchdog – Moskovskaya Storozhevaya Sobaka Aggressive breed A cross between two molossians – a Caucasian Shepherd Dog and St.…

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  • 10 myths about cats

    10 myths about cats that every cat owner must know The sheer large number of old wives’ tales that continue…

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