CerapodaCeratopsiaCeratopsidaeCeratopsoideaChasmosaurinaeCoronosauriaDinosauriaGenasauriaLate CretaceousMarginocephaliaNeoceratopsiaNeornithischiaNorth AmericaOrnithischiaTriceratopsini

Triceratops prorsus

Dinosaur: Triceratops prorsus

Type: Ceratops

Length*:8.4 m27.6 ft
Weight*:8.1 tons17,857 lb
ESR: 4 / 4 (estimated size reliability)
*The largest known specimen


Material: At least several dozen individuals
References: Ostrom, J. H. & Wellnhofer, P. (1986) "The Munich specimen of Triceratops with a revision of the genus". Scannella, John B.; Fowler, Denver W.; Goodwin, Mark B.; Horner, John R. (2014). "Evolutionary trends in Triceratops from the Hell Creek Formation, Montana". Ryan et al. (2010). New Perspectives on Horned Dinosaurs. Weishampel, D. B., Dodson, P., Osmólska, H., & Hilton, Richard P. (2004). The Dinosauria.


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