DinosauriaHerrerasauridaeLate TriassicSaurischiaSouth America

Staurikosaurus pricei 

Dinosaur: Staurikosaurus pricei 

Type: Herrerasauridae

Length*:2.4 m7.9 ft
Weight*:20 kg44 lb
ESR: 3.5 / 4 (estimated size reliability)
*The largest known specimen


Epoch: Late Triassic
Stage: Middle Carnian


Status: valid
Autor: Colbert
Year: 1970
Area: South America
Country: Brazil
Region: Rio Grande do Sul
Formation: Santa Maria


Material: Large part of skeleton with mandibles. Referred fragments (Teyuwasu barbarenai material).
References: Bittencourt & Kellner, (2009). The anatomy and phylogenetic position of the Triassic dinosaur Staurikosaurus pricei Colbert, 1970.


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