DinosauriaEusaurischiaLate TriassicMassopodaMassospondylidaePlateosauriaSaurischiaSauropodomorphaSouth America

Leyesaurus marayensis

Dinosaur: Leyesaurus marayensis

Type: Sauropod

Length*:3.15 m10.3 ft
Weight*:70 kg154 lb
ESR: 2 / 4 (estimated size reliability)
*The largest known specimen


Material: Almost complete skull and fragmentary skeleton.
References: Apaldetti, C., Martínez, R.N., Alcober, O.A., Pol, D. (2011). A New Basal Sauropodomorph (Dinosauria: Saurischia) from Quebrada del Barro Formation (Marayes-El Carrizal Basin), Northwestern Argentina.


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