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Elrhazosaurus nigeriensis

Dinosaur: Elrhazosaurus nigeriensis

Type: Ornithopod

Length*: 2 m 6.6 ft
Weight*: 16 kg 35 lb
*The largest known specimen

ESR: 2 / 4 (estimated size reliability)


Epoch: Early Cretaceous
Stage: Aptian-Albian


Status: valid
Autor: Galton
Year: 2009
Area: Africa
Country: Niger
Region: Agadez
Formation: Elrhaz


Material: Femur, referred femur fragments, phalanges, humerus.
References: Galton, P.M. (2009). "Notes on Neocomian (Late Cretaceous) ornithopod dinosaurs from England – Hypsilophodon, Valdosaurus, "Camptosaurus", "Iguanodon" – and referred specimens from Romania and elsewhere".


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