• Photo of Bengal cat

    Bengal cat

    Bengal cat Wildness at heart and spontaneity spiced with a pinch of cat’s selfishness create an unusual mixture that was…

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  • Photo of Caucasian Shepherd Dog

    Caucasian Shepherd Dog

    Dog breeds – Caucasian Shepherd There are several similarities between him and the bear. Both creatures are huge, fluffy and…

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  • Photo of Russian Blue cat

    Russian Blue cat

    Archangel Blue, Archangel cat The dignified appearance and gentle character are his trademarks. Thanks to its unique color, it has…

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  • Photo of The Rarest Dog Breeds

    The Rarest Dog Breeds

    The Rarest Dog Breeds Many people dream of a dog. It is an ideal companion and a positive creature that…

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  • Photo of Papillon (Continental Toy Spaniel) and Phalène

    Papillon (Continental Toy Spaniel) and Phalène

    Continental Spaniel – Renaissance dog One of the oldest European races, adored by the aristocracy. These dogs have ears that…

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